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Big Bang

By on March 21, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Welcome to the Friday Tech Roundup! Contained herein is your weekly dose of some of the best tech news from across the Internet, rounded up for your edification and entertainment. Read on for all the details of the first direct evidence of the Big Bang, Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, and Android Wear, Google’s upcoming wearable tech OS.

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PS4 vs Xbox One

By on December 5, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Despite my well-earned reputation as a PC elitist, I’m actually platform agnostic (sound of editor snorting with laughter).

I don’t give a damn about the brand or cost; I simply follow my retinas to the best visuals, and my fingertips to the most interesting mainstream experiences (I’m sadly not a fan of indie or retro gaming). While the PC has been the rock in my relationship with games, I’ve had lengthy dalliances with the SNES, PS1, Xbox and Xbox 360, yet I’ve always returned to Ye Olde Faithful, drawn by the allure of its constantly evolving hardware.

With the release of two next-gen consoles, I figured I’d share my impressions of the new consoles from a PC lover’s perspective. Rather than just give you the specs of each, I’m going to talk about them from an experiential perspective. How do they look, sound, operate and play compared to the PC?

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Next Gen Right Now

By on November 27, 2013 at 12:03 pm

About a month ago, my intrepid editor provided me with a task — create two PC systems that either matched or surpassed both new consoles in terms of power, storage, speed and flexibility, while still managing to stay within the price points of both. This was never going to be easy — both the Xbox One and the PS4 are loss leaders for their respective benefactors, relying on a combination of software sales and subscriptions to make up their bottom lines.

So with that in mind, I’ve taken a few liberties with pricing. The RRP of the Xbox One is $599, and includes all the respective cables and controller(s). I’ve also added 2 years of XBox LIVE Gold for $160, since it’s needed to play online and have access to apps like Internet Explorer, Netflix, YouTube and SBS on Demand. The PS4 escapes a little better, with an RRP of $549, I’ve also added 2 years of PS Plus for $140 but omitted the cost for the optional camera since it’s not required for play. That leaves me with $759 and $689 respectively. They also need to offer 1080P @ 60FPS at a decent visual level for at least 3 years. 

Yikes. Let’s do this.

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