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Tim Colwill


Tim is the world’s first, last, and only classically trained combat raconteur. He was raised at an early age by bears, then later by humans, and then later again by humans dressed in unconvincing homemade bear suits. It is this unique combination of completely untrue things which has made him into the man he is today: dehydrated, frequently confused, and editor-in-chief of games.on.net. As a former games developer himself, Tim’s unique and bitter insight into the world of games development lends him an intuitive, terrier-like grasp on the harsh realities and dark truths of video games.

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Matt ‘El_Funko’ Long

Server Administrator

By day, Matt works as a mild-mannered Content Administrator behind the iiNet Freezone, FetchTV and games.on.net. By night, he sheds his mortal form to become El_Funko, scourge of hackers, cheaters and people who use empty transport vehicles as their personal taxis. He wields control pads, keyboards and mice to slaughter all who oppose him, collecting their tears as offerings to Rhun’agh, Lord of Insulted Mothers. He’s the hero games.on.net deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark admin.

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Regular Contributors

James Pinnell

Senior Writer

James Pinnell is a seven-year veteran in the wet and wild world of games journalism. As a freelancer, he has written for the likes of Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku, VG247 and, most importantly, games.on.net. His tastes are eclectic, his style unusual, his haircut actually quite ordinary, and his dedication sitting almost exclusively to the illustrious PC from which his gaming addiction spawned. If prompted, he will generally admit an usual affliction to MMOs, space sims, 4X strategy games and, unconventionally, any FPS that allows you to strap C4 to anything.

While features and reviews are generally the preferred prose of this strange individual, he has also been sighted breaking news once or twice, alongside attempts to gain some (terrible) skill sets in amateur video. No, not that kind.

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Alex Walker

Alex Walker is games.on.net’s resident competitive gamer, having spent time playing with at the highest levels in the local Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and StarCraft 2 scenes.

Along with playing, Alex has been active as a writer and tournament organiser for the last decade, while also contributing news, reviews and features to the ABC, PC Powerplay, Pixel Hunt and other websites.

He is a current member of Frenetic Array’s StarCraft 2 roster.

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Jason Imms

Jason Imms is a word mercenary, selling his keyboard to the highest bidder. He plies his dark trade from the Deep South (Tasmania), and regularly gathers tasty tidbits each week to form the Friday Tech Roundup. He also acts as a roving reporter, periodically attending one event or another in order to furnish games.on.net with hard-won collections of words.

His young family gracefully accepts him despite himself. They often creep into his writing when he isn’t looking, leaving their mark in the form of overly emotional responses to certain in-game situations, and unsubtle references to his pressured time.

Should you desire to seek out his particular brand of barely-fettered loquacity, know that you do so at your own risk; also know that he will love you for it.

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Irregular But No Less Handsome Contributors

Patrick Vuleta

Patrick Vuleta writes games.on.net’s gaming law column, having worked as a lawyer in his 20s. In 2011, wanting to pursue his writing talents, Patrick left his day job to found Silvered Copy, a white paper writing business for the legal industry. games.on.net became one of his first clients, adding enjoyable variety to his writing. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys fawning over Kelly Chambers, dreaming of Leliana, and admiring indie art. His gaming interests are roleplaying and strategy, from Skyrim to Civilization. He’s usually working on Silvered Copy, however, and the future’s looking bright.

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Brendan Keogh

Brendan Keogh is a freelance videogame critic who writes for outlets such as Edge, Hyper, Kill Screen, Ars Technica, Unwinnable, and others.

He is also an academic videogame critic working on a PhD at RMIT University, Melbourne.

He writes irregularly at his blog, Critical Damage, and too regularly on Twitter.

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Toby McCasker

Toby McCasker, AKA Tobes, Jane, or – sigh, okay Tim – “Triggerlegs.” He is Hysteria magazine’s managing editor and friendly neighborhood freelancer. In the vidya space, he scribbles for Game Sonnet, IGN, Hyper, and Official PlayStation Magazine. His music goobyism can be found in Blunt and Triple J magazine. Corker sometimes print his pop-culture descents into family dinner fare as spiritual drug abuse and the looming Reptilian threat, bless them. He also serves as AskMen’s entertainment editor. Is currently writing his first fiction novella for May December Publications. Molly Ringwald was totally hot in The Breakfast Club. Cats and Nic Cage forever.

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James O’Connor

James ‘Jickle’ O’Connor is a South Australian freelance writer who can’t find anyone who will publish his film reviews anymore. He writes or has written for HYPER Magazine, PC Powerplay, Ausgamers, MMGN, IGN AU, Kotaku Australia, Pixel Hunt, a handful of kids magazines, and, naturally, games.on.net (hence his appearance on this staff page). He tweets like a man with something to say (even though he frequently doesn’t) and is currently wanking his way through a PhD about Grand Theft Auto IV, of all things. He’s not quite the depressed alcoholic wreck his profile picture makes him out to be, but give him another year.

He’s not actually much of a PC gamer, bless him, but he did spend a full semester of a University topic he taught trying to convince 40 students that Broken Sword is a wonderful game.

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Dan Staines

Dan Staines has worked as a games journalist for more than ten years. In that time, he has edited three magazines and one website, all of which were spectacular commercial failures.

As a consequence, Dan is a supremely jaded individual whose bleak views on the videogame industry reflect a generalised disgust with the world and everyone in it. Turn-ons include stripper nuns, stripper ninjas, and stripper philosophers. Turn-offs include dignity and basic human decency.

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Daniel Wilks

Daniel Wilks has been writing about games and gaming culture for over a decade both in a freelance and full time capacity.

Over the years Daniel has been the Tech/News Editor for PC PowerPlay, the Editor of the short lived (and really quite terrible) PC GameZone, a magazine aimed for kids but using licensed content from a hardcore German PC magazine mostly filled with graphs, and Hyper, Australia’s longest running gaming publication.

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Bane Williams

More coherent than a Batman villain, Bane Williams is a stunning example of how writing about games can lead to an overwhelming desire to watch the world burn. With almost a decade of experience writing about and for games, it’s also little wonder his liver is slowly failing.

Bane challenges himself to insane feats of gaming, a side effect of his eSports heritage. His yearly rituals include a 60 hour pacifistic pilgrimage into whatever major FPS is out that year, ‘pure’ runs of at least one stealth game, and a single beard trimming.

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