Rules was established to provide members and guests with a fun, friendly online gaming environment. Conduct that spoils the online experience for others will not be tolerated on our network. Below you will find a baseline set of rules that should be adhered to whilst using our services. Terms and Conditions

Use of the website, network or any services provided by is subject to the Terms and Conditions. By using the website, network or services you agree to the current version of the Terms and Conditions as published at

Be Nice

By communicating with other players, members, Internode staff and administrators you agree to do so in a manner that is not offensive, obscene, aggressive, intimidating, defamatory or discriminatory on the grounds of religion, race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference in any form.

The rules described and their ban duration lengths are provisional and subject to be overruled by admin discretion if required. They are in place to make enjoyable for our audience and members of all ages, this includes the removal of content that is unsuitable for those under 18 years.

A failure to comprehend this is no excuse and will not be tolerated.

Other things can also be considered bad behaviour and, at the discretion of the Game Admins and Moderators, can also attract a permanent ban from the network. Some examples, but by no means a complete list, include:

  • Racism
  • Excessive swearing or verbal abuse
  • Threatening or harassing other players
  • Impersonating Admins, Internode staff, or anyone else you shouldn’t
  • Using names that others may find offensive
  • Failing to comply with an Admins directive
  • Spamming our forums with posts or threads
  • Unsanctioned advertising (check with forum Admins before posting)
  • Posting links to websites that attempt to hijack, or that may have detrimental effects to other forum user’s computers

Specific Game Rules

The majority of games on our network have a specific rule set developed by both the community and our Admin team. These rules can be found as an “announcement” in the games respective forum.

Penalties and Appeals

If you break our rules, you will be penalised.

In the majority of cases Admins will attempt to warn you that your actions are unacceptable. However, may issue instant bans without warning.

Ban Lengths for breach of Rules

Game rule sets can be found as an “announcement” in the games respective forum.

  • 2 Weeks – Game Rule Set Breach
  • 1 Month – Excessive swearing or verbal abuse
  • 2 Months – Graphic, offensive material, links to websites designed to shock or offend
  • 3 Months – Aggressive, intimidating, defamatory or discriminatory content on the grounds of religion, race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference
  • 12 Months – Abusing Administrators or Staff, Admin Impersonation
  • Permanent Ban – Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting, Statistics Padding, Serial and repeat offenders

All ban lengths described are outlined as a guide. Increased severity towards a defined breach will result in a penalty that may be scaled appropriately to suit the punishment at the discretion of our staff and senior game administrators.

I’ve been banned, now what?

It is recommended that you submit a ban appeal. This can be completed here.

Is there anything I can do to ensure my appeal is handled promptly?

Absolutely, yes! Please be polite and informative to our Administration team. We are always willing to help and would love to see you back on our game servers. By submitting an appeal that is considerate to all parties we will be able to process this more efficiently to ensure you receive a prompt response.

Reductions to ban lengths may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

If you decide to submit an appeal that consists of abuse or is offensive towards our administrators or staff, you will not receive a reply. The ban will stay in place and will not be removed until the ban duration has expired. This may be escalated automatically to a permanent ban or ban of increased length, without warning.

Internode and iiNet Support cannot remove the ban on your account

The correct method of appeal is through Requests sent to Internode or iiNet will be redirected to and result in a delayed response to your appeal. Always contact directly.

“It wasn’t me”

Regardless of who was using your account at the time it was banned, the use and security of your account is your responsibility.

Outstanding bans will stay in place until expired. This will not be removed if an appeal has been submitted.

The details of the ban will not be provided

Game administrators and Support will not disclose the date and time the infraction took place. Any requests for this information will be ignored.

Please submit a ban appeal. If successful, an administrator will reply welcoming you back.

Social vs Competitive Match play

Online gaming can be a fun social activity as well as a challenging and competitive sport. encourages competition amongst players but please remember that our servers are open to the public. Behaviour such as team stacking, ‘farming’, ‘owning’, or clan-directed domination of social/non-clan players is considered bad form. also aims to accommodate the needs of competitive players. If you are interested in arranging competitive matches between clans or a specific group of friends, feel free to start a discussion in our Clan Chat forum.

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