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Death Squared

Death Squared by SMG Studio in Ultimo

Most puzzle games require you to help your ally so that you both succeed together as a team — but in Death Squared, the focus is on trying your hardest not to accidentally kill them. The premise sounds simple enough: there are two cuboid robots, who have to stand on their respective circles to complete each level. But one mis-step, and you kill your partner. Probably with lasers.

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Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth by Cardboard Keep in Canberra

Who do you call when the balance of nature has been upset? No, not the Ghostbusters — in this case you call the Wardens, the children of the forest, each with unique powers and abilities. In this lovely-looking game, you can shapeshift between the Wardens to solve puzzles and stomp bad guys, restoring the balance of the natural world and having a great time platforming as you do it.

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