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Unread postby stoolsample » 20 Jun 13, 10:05 pm ... rch_result
ES File manager is installed on my mums Tab2, I think ES media player came with it because I cannot find that standalone link.

Using ES File Manager for Video Playing, Over Network*
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Using ES to browse your network. From the main screen, click the button in the upper left hand corner labeled "local" then select LAN, or just swipe right. You are now browsing your local network shares. Click Menu-Add (or Scan) to add a shared location.
To keep things simple (during use, not set up) try setting your router with reserved IP addresses (if the firmware supports it). That way you can still use DHCP for your network in general, but your PC's will always use the same IP address. That makes it much easier to remember which IP address is which computer.

ES will also browse Bluetooth, FTP, and cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, and Sugarsync) servers. The location button (or swiping left and right) will select what kind of server you are currently browsing. The process of Menu-Add applies to all of these views.

It opens everything so far except mpeg files., AVI/MP4/FLV/MKV/Whatever I throw at it.
I hold down my finger to bring up the selection screen of the file "open as" then "video" then "ES Media Player"
While I cannot remember off the top of my head its wmv capability, its worth a shot, because most of my HD collection now is converted to lightweight WMV's and MP4's for streaming around my house, so I'm sure It does it if I plus others have not complained about it not working.

Give it a try, if not, good luck finding a wmv playing application.
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