EA Trademarks ''SimOcean''

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EA Trademarks ''SimOcean''

Unread postby News Portal » 28 Apr 12, 8:46 am

EA have filed a trademark application for "SimOcean", prompting speculation that their long-running Sims series may very well be heading nautical. No information is known about the title, other than it will presumably launch after the SimCity reboot - which you can read more about here in our recent preview, naturally.

Source: Siliconera

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Re: EA Trademarks ''SimOcean''

Unread postby PinothyJ » 28 Apr 12, 1:05 pm

It is good Maxis are going back to what they know: occasionally releasing really long-winded and boring games…

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Re: EA Trademarks ''SimOcean''

Unread postby BurntToast » 28 Apr 12, 3:39 pm

Ill have a piece of that.

Guess itll be a few years off considering the release date of Sim City 5.
All I know is my gut says maybe.
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