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Virtual Vinyl: Dear Esther

Unread postby News Portal » 20 Feb 12, 3:17 pm

Originally a Half-Life 2 mod created in 2009, [app=]Dear Esther[/app] was remade anew this year, a post-modern sort of experience that pleases the arty sensibilities of the jaded games press no-end. While I’m happy about that, I’m currently crying tears of sorrow. Naw, Toby, what’s the matter? Well, caring friends, I’ve just been listening to the game’s original soundtrack and it is one doleful clutch of minimalist melancholy indeed. Jessica Curry’s deadening masterwork is also free (although the modernized remix will cost ya) – and we’ve got it here on the mirror. Please excuse me momentarily, however. I have something in both eyes.

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Re: Virtual Vinyl: Dear Esther

Unread postby Drakand » 20 Feb 12, 4:02 pm

Must d/l and make people listen to cause tears!

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Re: Virtual Vinyl: Dear Esther

Unread postby micati » 20 Feb 12, 10:47 pm

Tried for 20 mins, soo boring, why ? ? ?

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Re: Virtual Vinyl: Dear Esther

Unread postby Marius » 20 Feb 12, 10:48 pm

I quite like it. :)

Not to everyone's taste, but it is very haunting music. I like The Code track especially.

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Re: Virtual Vinyl: Dear Esther

Unread postby DoHo_ » 21 Feb 12, 7:06 am

micati wrote:Tried for 20 mins, soo boring, why ? ? ?

Because you're unable or unwilling to experience it.

As for the music it's fantastic, but it loses something without Nigel Thornberry's (I'm sure that's not his real name) monologues accompanying the music.

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