Ban Appeal / TMR / Contact Us System is not Functioning

Ban Appeal / TMR / Contact Us System is not Functioning

Unread postby Omni » 17 Aug 15, 7:39 pm

HI All,

Our ticket submission system for all games is currently experiencing technical difficulties. When you submit a ticket via the Contact Us page it may show as a successful ticket submission even though it hasn't gone through.

Until the issue is resolved please submit ban appeals, trouble-maker reports and other support requests via the forum Private Message system - relevant links are below.

Counter-Strike Series (required information for TMRs)
Battlefield Series (required information for TMRs)
Team Fortress
Teamspeak & Mumble (required information/questions for channel)
Crysis 3
All other game types
Server Outages

If there is evidence for a TMR, please include a link to a drop-box, google drive or similar location.

In general, for ban appeals, make sure you include your unique id (Steam ID, GUID, Unique player name, etc). For TMRs, please include the troublemaker's unique id and a date and time the trouble was occurring.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to the anyone who may have already submitted a ticket. Please submit it again using the above links.

MUG EDIT: This Global Announcement is locked, so no comments from admins, PM me or another mod if you need details changed.
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