(Batman) HULK SMASH!

(Batman) HULK SMASH!

Unread postby PinothyJ » 13 Feb 13, 3:40 pm

So, VG24/7 states that there is a strong rumour that the Batman game that is coming this year will NOT come from Rocksteady -- that is why I was Hulk smashing -- and that there is a good chance that it may be a prequel game in the Arkham series. If this is the case than I can purhaps retract my Hulk smash if I come to the conclusion that while this mystery studio pops out its Arkham prequel, RS could be happily working on their Batman game that was heavily hinted at in Arkham City.

What are your pearls of speculative wisdom…

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Re: (Batman) HULK SMASH!

Unread postby Mekon » 13 Feb 13, 3:48 pm


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