Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules as of 19/05/2012

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules as of 19/05/2012

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The gamesonnet general rules which apply on all servers can be found here:

CS:GO Server rules

Breaking any of the following rules will result in your Steam ID being banned from all HL games.

Cheating- If caught, you will be permanently banned with no second chances.

Racism, prejudice and sexist remarks - Racism is not something we will put up with and you will be banned without warning.

Exploits - Skywalking, map exploits, buying restricted weapons or any other command/setting that causes an abnormal effect in the server are all bannable offences.

Excessive foul language and bad behavior - This falls under constant constant swearing and abusing other players. Do not do it. Treat others how you would expect to be treated.

Spamming Text Chat or Radio commands - It's annoying for everyone so don't do it.

Microphone Spam - The microphone is there for game related tactical communication. So, do not use the microphone to have a chat with your mates, discuss what you did today, yesterday or spam it with music. HLSS is not acceptable on our servers at any time.

Team Attacking and Team Flashing - Do not attack/bleed your team mates or throw flashbangs at your team mates on purpose.

Admin Bagging/abuse - Admins put time and effort into this community AS VOLUNTEERS. WE DO NOT GET PAID TO DO THIS. The last thing any of us want is for people to comment on how we're doing our jobs. Most admins have ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this issue. I'm not kidding, you will be banned if you push the right buttons.

Disruptive play - Do not kill hostages on purpose, throw the bomb in impossible places so the team cannot reach, block doorways on purpose or waste time camping and waiting out till the end of the round. Disruptive play is at the admins discretion.

Linking to cheat/porn/shock/inappropriate sites through the url or mentioning them in server - Always result in a ban (no warning) with discussion very rarely entered into. Lots of people still get caught out by this one.

Admin Impersonation - Using an admins name or claiming to be one from gamesonnet will score you a ban.

Offensive names - If you use foul language in your player name, you will be automatically banned by our ban bot (this also applies to names attempting to circumvent the bot ie fcuk).

Please note this also includes having the word Admin in your name. You are not an admin on our servers so there is no reason for you to have this in your name.

However there are a few words that will get you a longer ban, such as:
myg0t - This word/clan is not welcome on our servers and discussion will very rarely be entered into on the matter.
racist words - Again this falls under the racism rule, we have zero tolerance against racism.

note: this is not a complete list, there are many names that will result in permanent bans and usually fall under the categories of cheat sites, porn sites, shock sites and well known cheating tags.

Offensive clan names - With the updates to CSS that now allow you to place a clan tag before your name, if you use offensive words you will also be removed from our servers.

!Admin command spam/abuse - Do not spam this command, once is enough! The command does work, if you abuse or spam this command you will be temporarily banned. The command is used to report players breaking the rules, do not use it to get an admin to come play with you.

Baiting others into bans - If you bait someone into doing something that directly results in a ban then you are considered to be baiting and will be permanently banned. Making this rule clearly stated since lots of people are breaking this rule.

Advertising - Do not advertise your servers on ours. If you want to promote your servers please do this elsewhere. If you want to post youtube links to your own personal videos that's fine but clearly advertising other servers is not on.

Vote kicking - Want to make this one very clear. Abuse the kick options within this game and you will be banned without warning.

If you are ever unsure please PM the Senior CS:S Admin.

*punishment is defined as either a kick or a ban (note: ban lengths vary please see this thread for lengths)

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