Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword

Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword

Unread postby BaronBaanus » 10 Dec 11, 9:18 pm

Hey guys, who here in our GON community is a M&B with F&S player??
For those who are not aware of this game or have never played it it is the 3rd installment of an independent game by paradox interactive called Mount and Blade.

It is a unique style of game and revolves around 17th cenury eastern european war and conquest. The multiplayer in my opinion is fantastic and takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to hone your skills in each faction and style.

There will be up and coming steam sales for this game and although in my opinion it is a fantastic game to play and experience you will see this game go for as low as $3.74 US. Take advantage of this and treat yourself to something new.

If a steam sale occurs I will post an update in this section.

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Re: Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword

Unread postby charliebrownau » 21 Apr 12, 3:24 am

Mount and Blade is on special .

Out of the 3 I have found warband the best. Fire and Sword is only Single player levels.

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Re: Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword

Unread postby Thrice » 9 Dec 12, 9:42 pm

Warband is the only one you need.

Fire and Sword is garbage.

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