e-Commerce site assistance

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e-Commerce site assistance

Unread postby DarkMellie » 22 Feb 13, 8:17 pm

Hi all,

are there any website 'kits' like wordpress that let you run a proper e-commerce site? My wife has a lot of experience in running an online business, but has only done it through eBay for her old store. She's wanting something that is easy for her to update stock/images as well as a solid structure with which she can manage customer orders and so on.

She's a graphic designer by trade so no issue with logos, we just want to exhaust any 'do it yourself' options before she pays someone to create the site for her. My issue with paying someone as well would be in the maintenance of it.

Are there any other important details you'd need to know in order to give a response?

Cheers :)
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Re: e-Commerce site assistance

Unread postby Mearehear » 22 Feb 13, 8:28 pm

Mellie, when you get some web hosting with a domain name through somewhere like Crazy Domains that webspace comes with templates and options for all sorts of various thing, including e-commerce style templates. Basically have a look through what is offered in there webhosting with those options, and then it often is a simple process of using the web control panel to load whatever service you want onto your hosted space.

Look here for instance http://www.crazydomains.com.au/web-hosting/ and down the bottom you will see how it says it comes with all the fully loaded "one click" apps ..that's stuff like Wordpress etc, but it will have want you want in there as well. Will just be a matter of finding out exactly what is included and narrowing it down to which one of the provided options you want to use. I havent done one with any e-commerce before myself, so can't be more specific, but I know I have seen the templates all included in that stuff.

EDIT - Their plans include
OS Commerce
Zen Cart

Click the "more info" under each plan, then scroll down to Scripts & Software, and click "View" next to One Click Apps
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Re: e-Commerce site assistance

Unread postby revengous » 22 Feb 13, 8:34 pm


and grab a theme from here http://themeforest.net/ and you're set!

(I manage ~30 or so magento sites as part of my employment, its a lot of work to manage, but its pretty much perfect!)

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Re: e-Commerce site assistance

Unread postby MUG » 22 Feb 13, 9:07 pm


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