Age of Empires Online

Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby thefinn » 22 Aug 11, 9:47 am

Yeah another bad implementation of old intellectual property.

It's an online shop with a game in it... somewhere.

If you do happen to get past my cynical critique, it's basically a pay to win game.

If you are willing to shell out the bucks you too can win, a game.

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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby Minkelz » 22 Aug 11, 10:00 am

It's almost as if free to play just means there will be a trial mode and you need to pay to get the full game, like you know, every other mainstream free to play game in existence (or the alternative model of making everything incredibly expensive but playing for hundreds of hours to unlocks things ala LoL).

Seriously guys get over the shop/money side of it, it's a non-issue. I'm not saying the game is without flaws, but expecting a F2P to be fully functioning with no strings attached is very naive.

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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby tranquil » 24 Aug 11, 4:34 pm

wasn't a fan really, much rather just go back & play AOE2.

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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby Instinx » 24 Aug 11, 7:53 pm

Mr_Cyberpunk wrote:Played it, Hate the player town, seems really buggy (lost a lot of gold because things didn't build where I told it to- it just disappeared).

Questing is boring and tedious as hell, all of them are just to unlock ****. It'll take weeks to just unlock tech 4.. and then there's the "Premium" **** on top of it.

I compared this to 0AD, I prefer 0AD more, but 0AD is buggy and still in Alpha.. still, its more fun that this game.. so yeah that's saying a lot.

I am disapoint.

Off topic, but i cannot wait for 0AD to be released :D been following it closely

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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby Plasticaz » 23 Mar 12, 8:30 pm

Hey guys, first post! I hope my bumping an old thread doesn't give you guys a bad impression of me, but I'd consider creating a new one to be worse so...

Basically, I believe this game deserves a second chance. A lot has changed since August last year.

Among the changes are:

1. Prices halved. This one is a recent one.

2. Champion pvp. (People with a premium civ can play pvp without gear, which makes pvp based more on skill than who grinded the most.

3. Persian civ, with Celts coming in a few weeks.

They are trying to clean the game up. Having said that, I'd wait until the next patch to download the game again, with that there will be even more fixes.

If you're considering playing this game again, I'd suggest you play on the Marathon server, as this is the most populated server.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I didn't offend anyone by bumping this thread. :D
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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby DarkMellie » 23 Mar 12, 9:29 pm

Excellent first post, welcome to GoN :)

And yeah, AOEO rocks!
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Re: Age of Empires Online

Unread postby Hoodoo » 31 Mar 12, 3:50 pm

Tried to start it but got some Widows Live **** virus - still can't be assed with it.
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