Rift today's Steam sale - anyone still playing?

Rift today's Steam sale - anyone still playing?

Unread postby Mythor » 2 Mar 12, 4:54 pm

The regular version of Rift is on sale for $5 today and the Digital Collector's is $7.50. Both include a free month's subscription for new accounts.

With them recently doing the "first 20 levels are free" thing I've been considering giving it another go, especially with their current one year anniversary celebrations. Do any GON people still play it? How's it going compared to back around launch?

I really miss busting rifts and fighting off invasions and stuff. :(
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Re: Rift today's Steam sale - anyone still playing?

Unread postby ViN » 3 Mar 12, 11:20 am

Im playing at the moment, pretty much on a 4 day raid shedule.

For mine the game has aged well, server pops are still healthy, classes seem to be well balanced and there is heaps to do in end game.

If you have a 50 toon you should find heaps of new stuff -
Ember Isle - New level 50 zone
Rise of the Phoenix - new 10 man raid
Hammernell - New 20 man
Master Difficulty Dungeons

Overall im glad i came back.

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