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Diablo III: Wizard Guide

Unread postby News Portal » 24 May 12, 10:06 am

[app=4089]Diablo III[/app]'s wizard class is more than just a glass-cannon which fires lasers - but not by much. James Pinnell fire lasers from his hands constantly in real life, and explains the difference here.

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Re: Diablo III: Wizard Guide

Unread postby revengous » 24 May 12, 12:19 pm

woo wizards!

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Re: Diablo III: Wizard Guide

Unread postby SgtMoo » 25 May 12, 8:27 pm

WOOO for squishies!

My current build for my solo Wizard at lvl 35 (I have no idea if this link will work)

I occasionally change the rune on Ice Armor to Crystallize when going into boss fights. Disintegrate will take out most things at range with the nexus rune dealing with most strays. When I get mobbed I drop Frost Nova, cast Disintegrate for a bit to deal some damage and then Wave of force when enemies are about to unfreeze which will often kill a good portion of whats around me and has a chance to re-freeze some while stunning those that dont get frozen again. The Wave of force also gives me the space to escape if things dont die fast enough however it is generally enough to take out whatever's around me. Because I'm often in close range to mobs the Split on MM can deal some heavy damage when all 3 hit the same target and handy at helping regen AP. The Hydra is usefull for casting near the edge of the screen to weaken stuff before it gets too close and weaken packs of mobs just off the screen. I could replace it with Archon for really sticky situations but meh.

I dunno how well this build will work on higher difficulties but seems to be doing fine in Nightmare

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Re: Diablo III: Wizard Guide

Unread postby GoToadGo » 25 May 12, 9:05 pm

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/w ... YXf!bYbaYb

This is my build(Act I on Hell). I just wreck things at the moment. Even a pack with 3 blue mobs and 1 yellow can fall to me right now. It allows me to tank for a little bit if needed and then teleport away if I get in to some real trouble. When that happens fracture procs and I have some decoys until my diamond skin is back up. All the while I heal myself due to the armour and can spam arcane orb fairly liberally :D Venom hydra is ridiculous too, drop it and kite things to death. I'll change to force armour in a couple of levels so I can take some more hits too. Love when you get in to the zone kiting things. Dodging mortars like a boss.

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Re: Diablo III: Wizard Guide

Unread postby Pickletron » 29 May 12, 3:27 pm

My wizard is up to Act 3 inferno solo. The guide really makes no sense at high difficulty. Any channeled beam spell like disintegrate is asking to get 1 shotted, even with 20k absorption on diamond skin and force armor up.

For the majority of mobs you're either going to nuke them down with arcane orb before you die or kite them with the slow from arcane orb + temporal flux, making use of venom hydras and seeker magic missiles at choke points. The damage bonus from force weapon is an awesome boost as well.

This is the build I use to solo Inferno and bosses, making sure I don't need to change anything and lose all my nephalem stacks. Oh, and don't even try progressing past act 2 without a >1k dps weapon and appropriate armor.

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