Launches WoW Item Restoration Service

General news and announcements Launches WoW Item Restoration Service

Unread postby News Portal » 30 Apr 12, 10:07 am

Accidentally deleted your best pair of boots from your favourite character in World of Warcraft? Freak out and submit a support ticket no longer: have implemented a new 'Item Restoration' service where you can simply log into the web interface, find items you recently deleted, and then restore them for yourself. The service can be used once every 30 days - read the announcement here and the FAQ here.


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Re: Launches WoW Item Restoration Service

Unread postby shlaimon » 30 Apr 12, 11:17 am

Nice feature, remember back in vanilla wow if you deleted something or got hacked, tough ****.
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Re: Launches WoW Item Restoration Service

Unread postby Bluefire » 30 Apr 12, 11:28 pm

I still want my argent dawn blue lightsaber restored :7

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