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Re: SW:TOR Australian Launch Details: We Speak to BioWare Ab

Unread postby rcame26 » 17 Feb 12, 12:19 pm

Can not wait for tat Epic game to be on Aus servers. :D
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Re: SW:TOR Australian Launch Details: We Speak to BioWare Ab

Unread postby Nekosan » 17 Feb 12, 3:39 pm

Artful-dodgeR wrote:
Collect0r wrote:
Nekosan wrote:
:roll: Are you happy raiding when your US guild chooses to? If it's an Aussie one on a US server that isn't planning on moving then i hope you have a REALLY dedicated lineup, otherwise you're going to have no chance at all of recruiting.

as opposed to raiding when an australian guild wants to?

What a stupid question. You don't think if someone couldn't make the raid times of a raid guild they wouldn't be in said guild for the purposes of raiding?

BRB guys i'm going to go pay 150 dollars to join a weekend football team even though i work on weekends and can't make any of the games.

What I believe Neko was trying to say is that on an Australian server the raiding times are going to be MUCH more useful. I bet you that same guild Marius was talking about raids multiple nights a week, however with our timezone it limits him to 2 availability all week, in the middle of the day no less.


Any decent raid guild is going to be raiding multiple times a week, in my experience pretty much NOBODY raids consistently over the weekends (people flake too much), if you're so attached to your guild because of your "progression" then they can't just be raiding once a week.

I could understand it if you're a shiftworker or something like that but if you work relatively normal Aussie hours then you're really going to miss out. In the long term, raiding with US guilds just isn't practical for the majority of people.

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