800,000+ Sign Up for Battlefield Premium as EA Looks to Premium-ify Even More IPs

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Unread postby akira675 » 4 Jul 12, 8:51 am

I think peoples fears over this are unfounded in the end. Gamers have proven themselves to be a fickle bunch. If the price isn't right, we go elsewhere for it. We've seen pretty good evidence of this recently in Australia, we've helped drive a retailer (GAME) out of business and 2 others (JB-HiFi, HarveyNorman) into sourcing grey imports for their products. Our local suppliers must be quaking. (Sure, maybe we are more sensitive as we have the Australia tax, but I see similar comments on non-Australian websites.)

EA may have included some questionable features in their "premium" pack, but as is indicated in this thread, barely anyone brought it for 'Queue jumping and Stat resets.' (In fact, nobody seems to have.) EA released an alternate method of receiving their future DLC, and for many people, the price was right. Will they take this as an example of a business model that works? Probably, and why shouldn't they? But do you really think gamers will flock to buy a 'premium service' that only includes 'queue jumping and meta changes?' I don't. I think the second gamers feel like the value isn't there, we wont touch it. EA is a business, they would know this too. Right now, they're experimenting with us, seeing what we feel is value. I think they got this one right, but the feedback they will be getting, that's written all over the internet, is that we brought it for well priced DLC. If they try to charge us a $30 subscription to queue jump in servers, I'm sure we'd find the uptake MUCH smaller.
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