SOGC Feb 2 2013 - Back in the Game

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SOGC Feb 2 2013 - Back in the Game

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Event Date:2nd Feb 2013 Start & Finish Times: 2:00 pm → 10:00 pm
Cost for Entry:$30.00
Venue & Location: Mosman RSL Club - Click Here for Registration

About this particular event...

This next event is the first of the year for the SOGC in an all new refocus on returning to the original roots that the SOGC started with. Focusing on having fun, and enjoying the games regardless of the platform, or genre!

The SOGC is a great event if you're looking for gamers of all platforms and a fairly technical crowd of overclockers, and high-end gaming gear. With the famous MPU Sit & Play PCs, Consoles, and Away-From-Keyboard competitions, you're guaranteed to find a game and gamer who'll share your interests!

Competitions we're going to run
Chivalry Medieval Warfare FFA Arena (Highest score at the end of the round)
Chivalry Medieval Warfare Duel Tourney (first to 5 kills)
Counter-Strike: Source Aim-Map (Highest score at the end of the round)
Starcraft 28 player double elimination
Bomberman Live!4 players per match, Knockout: winner proceeds to next round
Fruit Ninja Kinect Get the highest score to win!
Super Street Fighter IV Single Elimination! 90 second rounds, Best of 3!
Blur's Blind Man Run!Get the fastest time, with volunteers trying to slow you down in-game!
League of Legends 5 v 5 The classic LoL tournament! Up to 8 teams, first come first served!

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