Active WoW Guilds

Active WoW Guilds

Unread postby alexander.polis » 22 Mar 12, 7:13 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I would check in on GON to see if there are still any active pvp or pve guilds?

I would be looking for a resurrection scroll, see if there is any life still in this game :)

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Re: Active WoW Guilds

Unread postby CelticAngel82 » 23 Mar 12, 8:04 pm

which realm you looking to roll on?

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Re: Active WoW Guilds

Unread postby Wolfstar90 » 27 Mar 12, 12:13 am

Its still one of the most played games in the world, sure its lost a fair percentage of users, but what game can hold over 10 million subscribers for nearly 10 years? None come to mind, but its certainly still going strong. GoNers don't post much, but there's certainly plenty of other Aussies playing. I'm currently on Jubei'thos and there's quite a lot of activity, we've got a nice sized, friendly guild who are quite active in both PvE and PvP. I'm happy to hook you up with a scroll if you like, along with a guild invite. PM me on the forums if you'd like to contact me further.

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Re: Active WoW Guilds

Unread postby Novocaine » 3 Apr 12, 3:48 am

Mine is active but I raid with Americans during EST 9-midnight.

Also pm me if you need a scroll, I don't check this forum much.

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Re: Active WoW Guilds

Unread postby mightybomb » 13 Apr 12, 1:41 pm

I just formed a guild on Nagrand (Alliance) "Prefer Blondes" :lol:

Just a social guild for people to hang out and level their characters or quest.. or pvp.. or raid

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