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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby $had0w » 4 Aug 12, 11:20 pm

skitzor wrote:
$had0w wrote:which, in diamondd's second last post, he provided enough information and evidence to destroy that theory, and you were just like 'nope, not listening'

what you don't seem to understand is that those issues are minor compared to the issue of Bond constantly changing appearance. as I said, just because the codename theory has a few holes, doesn't mean yours is correct.

See, this is where your point is just silly tbh.

That's like saying you only ever want one person to play bond, and if that happened, we'd still not be getting bond movies coz the character would be too old.

That is why the bond keeps changing. Its not some kind of conspiracy to make people think its just a code name, its clearly the exact same character in every one, despite looking different with different actors.

I dont see how this is so hard to understand. I really really dont.

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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby skitzor » 22 Nov 12, 2:00 pm

just saw it. cooool. good movie.

in some respects, a bit of a weird bond movie, in others, it's a quintessential bond movie.

bond girl is probably the hottest I've seen.


some great cinematography and shot composition. running theme of shadows/reflections was done quite well. I have been listening to the Adele bond song for a while now, and it goes so damn well with the opening credit thingo. perfect voice for a bond movie.

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really enjoyed how they have set up the next bond movies. Q, moneypenny, etc. liked the references to early bonds such as the car, the music, shaken not stirred (in casino royale he doesn't care), exploding pen.

story line was a bit weird in the grand scheme of things. usually bond is trying to stop a bad guy that's trying to take over the world, in this he's just trying to stop him kill M.

yay bond.

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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby Ralph Wiggum » 24 Nov 12, 11:22 am

Yeah I quite enjoyed it. It really sticks to the more down to earth 'Daniel Craig as Bond' feel and they haven't fallen into the trap of trying to make it bigger and louder for the sake of Hollywood. I'll admit the movie became a lot better once Javier Bardem came on board and dare I say he really stole the scene at times.

Oh and that pic Skitzor /drool

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I also liked the subtle touch of having Skyfall actually be the name of the estate where Bond grew up. I wasn't even thinking about it during the movie, then when it showed up it was like, "ooohhhhh".

I thought the setting of that abandoned island was pretty cool (sadly under-utilised for the movie) but interesting to see is based on a real island: I love that sort of stuff.

Is it the best Bond ever like some people have been saying? I wouldn't say yes but it is up there among the better ones.
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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby Yurtles » 24 Nov 12, 12:35 pm

Very pretty movie, haven't been that impressed since Collateral. Loved the opening sequence, and then waited for the rest of the movie for it to get back up to that level and it only just sort of did for the finale. Certainly don't think it was a bad movie but the pacing was a little off for me.
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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby Wolfstar90 » 26 Nov 12, 12:41 am

Definitely a good movie. By far Daniel Craig's best effort.

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New Q was a nice change. Had some great moments. Silva was a great bad guy, very well acted.

By far the best part of the movie was that M finally bit the bullet. Thank **** for that. Most illogical, useless character. Derp take a shot at your best agent, maybe you'll hit the bad guy. Honestly... Its been a while since I've seen a Bond film as Quantum of Solace really put me off, but I remember a distinct dislike for her character throughout all the films she's been in.

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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby exe3 » 27 Nov 12, 11:06 pm

Saw it tonight, it was good, MUCH better than Quamtum of Solace but not as good as Casino Royale imo. The final act felt completely redundant.

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It was sad that M died but as soon as she became the target I knew she'd die, it just seemed like it was about time as the actor has been in these movies for some time and is probably getting ready to retire. Her death was well handled though which was very pleasing although I felt the third act was very redundant given she ends up dieing anyway. Part of me thinks it would've been better for her to have died in the Court Room with the finale being about Bond going for revenge.

I groaned when they got to Skyfall, kinda lame imo about how the movie was named after the place, it was also off imo that all of a sudden we're delving into Bond's past, it was just completely out of left field. If you want to do something like explore a characters past then you spread it out throughout the whole movie, not just dump it into a small section of it. Again the whole last act felt redundant and out of place next to the rest of the movie and it seems to have existed solely to explore Bond's past a bit but it felt forced and out of place.

The enemy was really good. Really crazy and stuff.

I liked the sense of humor too. :lol:
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Re: Skyfall

Unread postby sifter132 » 5 Dec 12, 7:13 am

Yurtles wrote:Very pretty movie, haven't been that impressed since Collateral. Loved the opening sequence, and then waited for the rest of the movie for it to get back up to that level and it only just sort of did for the finale. Certainly don't think it was a bad movie but the pacing was a little off for me.

^I agree with this. Saw it yesterday, and the opening sequence was GREAT. I'd heard about the good reviews and how much cash this movie had made - I was thinking I was in for a treat after that first few minutes. But then it just never got better :cry: From the opening credits up until Javier Bardem appears I was uninterested - the mystery/intrigue didn't capture my attention, the action bits felt overly artistic/sterile and didn't seem to flow with the movie, it felt like the script had 'insert action piece here" written in it, and I'm afraid Daniel Craig just isn't interesting enough to carry the movie by himself.

And because of that lack of interest by the time Mr Bardem did appear I was starting to pick holes in the movie rather than enjoy it...Just an aside, how did a Spanish actor get cast for this role?? There is NOTHING in his backstory that says he should be Spanish. It just smacks of Sam Mendes wanting desperately to work with the guy. If so, they could at least write into the movie that he worked in Spain or that his parents were Spanish - something please!!

Not a bad movie, I'm just disappointed.

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