Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays these games anyway?

Over the past decade, online gaming has grown from a small, niche community to an increasingly popular recreational pastime for Internet users of all ages. You’ll find all sorts of people online with students, office workers, farmers, Internode and iiNet staff, genetic scientists and even the odd politician!

But none of that matters, because once you’re online with, they’re all equally delicious cannon fodder, fit for a good fragging!

What does it cost?

Playing online games causes Internet traffic to be sent both to and from your computer and the game servers.

If you are an iiNet Group DSL or Fibre to the Home customer, then does not add to your plan’s monthly usage. And if you are on a shaped service, this data is not prioritised.

If you are on any other connection type that is based on either traffic or time charges, then you will incur traffic or time charges when playing on

If you are a customer of another ISP, then you will need to check with them to see if they are charging you for access to the network – more than likely they do.

Where are they? is owned and run by Internode as part of the iiNet Group.

The physical servers that run the network are located in data centres across Australia.

Each server in our network has its own dedicated 100 Megabit/second FastEthernet link back to the core of the iiNet Group’s network.

Why do you run them?

Because we love our customers, and we love fragging them online even more!

But seriously, Internode and iiNet are committed to providing their customers with the best Internet experience possible. Online gaming is a small yet important part of the mix that goes into doing just that.

When can I get online?


How do I join the games?

The best way to join in on the action is via the in-game server browser that should be included with your favourite game. You can also join the games by finding the server address from the Servers section of this website. There are also many programs available on the Internet that can assist you in finding and joining a server. More information about each game, and help on joining these games, can be found in the forums.

Lost password? Trouble logging in? email address already registered?

Don’t panic! We can get the account back to you in a matter of seconds.

Please Visit our forum login page.


Click “I forgot my password and/or username“.


Carefully read the information provided to you on the next page, ensure that you have correctly typed in the email address and click Submit. An email will be sent to you shortly, please check spam and junk folders to avoid disappointment!

I need some help, How can I contact a game Admin?

Please drop past and visit the official Steam group and say hello! Our Admins are often online and more then happy to help!

In some cases you may need to use the contact page, this is recommended for those of you submitting Trouble Maker Reports or other miscellaneous enquiries.

Can I suggest a server? has what we believe to be a balanced selection of games ranging from the classics through to some of the latest online games available today. We couldn’t host every single game in existence, but we have certainly gone a long way from just hosting a single Counter-Strike server.

If you feel we have somehow omitted or forgotten your favourite game from our network, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Popularity of game suggestions plays a big part in how we select what games are running on the network in the future!

Do I have to join Internode/iiNet?

Everyone is welcome with, regardless of who your Internet Service Provider is.

iiNet Group customers will, however, get the very best performance in terms of game access from our servers. We cannot however guarantee performance if you are with another service provider.

iiNet Group customers also have the advantage of reserved spots on all games that support this feature.

What are the server IPs?

You can find all of our servers listed on our Servers page.

What rules do I have to adhere to whilst using servers or services?

Rules that cover all servers and services can be found here. These are the general rules, but individual games and servers can have specific rules in addition to the general ones.

The most important rule of thumb for any game is common sense. If it’s not appropriate in real life, it’s not appropriate on our network. Game Admins may also make a request at their reasonable discretion, and these requests must be adhered to.

Please check the relevant game forum for any further clarification.

I am known to be forgetful. Am I reminded of these rules in game?

Most servers will have a message of the day (MOTD) displayed on connection to a server and/or recurrent server messages whilst playing. These messages list appropriate rules, or point you to the forums. Game Admins have also been enlisted to help police the servers.

Ignorance in not seeing these messages, knowing the rules, or ignoring an Admin’s request, will not be accepted as an excuse if banned.

I have been banned. What do I do now?

Getting banned from the network is generally quite difficult to do, but for some reason people keep doing things the hard way!

Getting banned involves breaking the Rules, and are only put in place when a Game Admin feels that it is absolutely necessary.

If you believe that you have been banned or treated unfairly, you can submit a Ban Appeal, found in our Contact section, to the Administration Team to investigate. After investigating the ban, an Admin will reply to your query via our support system. Any further communication regarding the query is to be done via this medium.

Please follow the correct procedure. If you email Internode/iiNet Feedback,, or PM an Admin in the first instance regarding your ban, you will most likely be ignored.

How do I get my Steam ID?

Number one, you will need to join a server that you are not banned from. Go to the console by pressing the ‘~’ key. The console will appear, then by typing status you will be presented with a list of player names and numbers. Locate your current alias. Immediately to the right of this, you will find your Steam ID listed in the form ‘STEAM_0:1:12345′.

How do I get my CoD GUID?

To access your GUID, you need to join a server that you are not banned from. Go to the console by pressing the ‘~’ key. If this does not work, go into your multiplayer options and click ‘enable console’. Next, type ‘/pb_myguid’ and press enter. It will then tell you your GUID.

Please note that if you were kicked by Punkbuster for using any sort of hack that this is a global ban, and you will not be unbanned from our servers.

Hey, my game isn’t listed. How can I get my ID for it?

While every attempt has been made to give you a quick guide on obtaining your ID, due to the nature of the games network, servers are added and removed all the time. We endeavour to add these games to the FAQ on release, but this is not always possible.

If you do not know how to find your banned ID for a particular game, submit the query with your last known alias. An Admin will advise you on how to find your banned ID in these instances.

I like the sound of this ‘Admin’ guff. How do I go about getting in on this?

With the release of new games or an increase in the popularity of an existing game, the Administrators may have an intake of Admins.

There are many desired qualities we look for in new Admins, the most noteworthy of these being your attitude in game and in the forums, knowledge of the game in question, and quite often, your activity on the forums.

These positions are offered to community members deemed suitable by the Administrators.



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