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Ban Appeal

If you have been banned from a server on our network you can query the ban by using the following form.

When the query is received an Admin will investigate your ban and contact you via our email ticketing system, so you will need to make sure that the email address you provide in this form is correct. All other forms of contact regarding ban appeals will be ignored. Harassment of Admins will not be tolerated and can result in your ban being extended or in extreme cases, made permanent.

Further information on this process, and details on how to get your Steam or Game ID, can be found in our FAQ page.

All of the following fields are required.

Email Address

The email address we will use for correspondence with you regarding this appeal.

In-game nickname

If known, enter the nickname (alias) used in game at the time of the ban. Otherwise enter the name that you usually play with online.

SteamID/UID/Unique Name

Online games generally assign you a Unique ID whilst playing for identification purposes. EG. Half-Life based games are assigned a 'SteamID' of the form 'STEAM_0:1:12345'. Details on obtaining your SteamID are listed in our FAQ. If your game does not assign a UID, ensure you fill out the 'In game nickname' field as detailed above.

Game type

From the drop down list select the game that you have been banned from. If the game is not listed select 'other' and ensure that you note the game type in the 'comments' section.


Include any additional comments related to your query here.

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Suggest News

Use this form to suggest news for us to cover. Please DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. You will be ignored.

If you have a press release for us, please use the General Feedback form to get in touch with us and request an editorial address. We are a PC gaming site and we do not cover smartphone or iOS games of any kind.

Please be aware that we get a large volume of submissions from both users and publishers and as such we may not cover all submissions through this form. That said, we do appreciate any and all submissions, and thankyou for tipping us off!

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Troublemaker Report (TMR)

If another member or player has been causing you grief, or you think that they have been cheating on our network, you can use this form to report their actions and bring it to the attention of our Admin team. The Trouble Maker Report (TMR) goes straight to our Admin team so that they can action it ASAP.

Please include as much information as you are able to provide on the form. This helps us greatly in actioning the TMR expediently and without delay. When you have completed the form, press "Send" and the form below will convert your request into an actionable job in our job tracking system.

NOTE: If your TMR is for a cheater, ensure you include a demo and a screenshot of the players ID in a zip or rar file as these will not be reviewed without evidence - our FAQ has examples of how to obtain a player's ID.

Our team of Admins aim to action all requests within 3 business days, however during peak periods, such as school holidays, delays can be expected. Please ensure that you provide an email address you check regularly.

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Troublemaker Details

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Teamspeak/Mumble Server Request

As part of our extensive gaming network, maintains Teamspeak and Mumble servers for use by our members.

Our Teamspeak server IP is, and our Mumble server is at (port 64738).

If you would like to register a channel on either our Teamspeak or Mumble servers, please fill out the contact form below. An Admin responsible for the management of our TeamSpeak server will contact you and organise an appointment to action your request.

Please note that Teamspeak and Mumble channels will only be created for iiNet group customers. You will be required to provide your ISP email address when completing the below form - for example, or

Your Name (required)

Your ISP Email (required)

Your desired channel name (required)

The password to use for your channel (required)

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Channel use (eg games chat) (required)

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Additional details or information

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Advertise on welcomes inquiries from prospective advertising partners. Please fill out the form below, and our Content Manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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captcha Server Escalation

Spotted a server that is not working, requires an update or further attention? We want to know about it! Once submitted we can begin our investigation.

Full Name Username

Email Address

The email address we will use for correspondence with you.


From the drop down list select the game that requires our attention.

Issue Type

Please select the issue type.

Notes/Change log

Please include a URL to the change log, notes or server patch information if possible.


Information such as the server name, server details and approximate time/date incident started is appreciated! Include any additional comments related to your query here. If a server requires an urgent update or patch, information related to the change is also appreciated, this may be documentation, patch notes or links to the developers website. This will assist us to promptly investigate and find a resolution based on the priority and impact.

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Lost password? Trouble logging in? email address already registered?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Please direct all correspondence regarding via the channels mentioned above – enquires made via iiNet or Internode will be directed back through these channels. Calls to via iiNet or Internode will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made.

Our support channel is limited to services. Support for individual games, console & pc platforms or external parties may not receive a response from our support staff. Public discussion is encouraged and welcomed via our forum for all unrelated inquires.

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