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Welcome to games.on.net, a 100% Australian site dedicated to serving all of your gaming needs. With three main pillars – a high-quality editorial site, a thriving community and one of Australia’s largest free public game server farms – this is the ultimate Aussie gaming destination.

We’re owned and run by Internode as part of the iiNet Group, combining the best of two of Australia’s most respected Internet Service Providers. Adelaide-based Internode and Western Australia-based iiNet have won countless awards for their peerless service and performance, and those same qualities help make games.on.net the best local site for your gaming fix.

The Internode Games Network was established in early 2002 with a single goal; to provide Internode’s customers with the best online gaming experience possible. This led to the development of a large game server farm, hosting the latest and greatest PC games free of charge for any gamer to come and play on. We currently have over 70 servers hosting a whopping 200 games, and we remain one of the largest game server providers Down Under. If we installed any more servers, special safety software would be necessary to ensure our data centre didn’t become sentient and take over the world.

We love games.

Over the last ten years games.on.net has grown to include the development of a massive, enthusiastic gaming forum. If something is going on in the world of gaming, you can be sure our community is talking about it. Head over to our forums to join in the buzz. In 2012, games.on.net joined with iiNet’s 3FL gaming network to make games.on.net bigger and better than ever, incorporating their servers into the ever-expanding home for Australian gamers.

We’ve also built one of Australia’s most popular gaming news and reviews sites. With some of Australia’s most experienced journalists working behind the scenes, you can trust that our information is timely, correct, and most importantly, we don’t simply regurgitate press releases. Here’s a link to our Editorial Policy.

Did we mention that we’ve also got Australia’s largest Steam Content service as well?

Best of all, any data used on the games.on.net network – be it gaming on our servers or streaming audio from our site – is unmetered for Internode and iiNet customers, meaning it won’t count towards your monthly download allowance.

All of these features combine to make the iiNet Group the best choice of ISPs for the serious gamer. And once you’re a customer, there are plenty of other ways to spend your time (but not your quota!) with us: Internode streaming radio stations, the Internode and iiNet file download mirrors, iiNet Freezone and fetchtv.

We hope you enjoy games.on.net – you can be sure that everybody involved is as passionate about gaming as you are!

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