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Dragon Age Inquisition The Descent

There are a few different kinds of story-based DLC. The upcoming Trespasser DLC, as we can see from this trailer, has been designed for the player who has finished the main game and is looking for closure. Other kinds, like previous Dragon Age DLC Jaws of Hakkon, can be enjoyed at any time, before or after the main campaign is finished. And there is the last category, that I feel The Descent falls into – the kind meant to be played while you’re still completing the main storyline.

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Kieru by Pine Fire Studios in Canberra

The premise of Kieru is fiendishly clever: Two teams of ninjas battle in a world of monochrome black and white. Black ninjas are invisible in the shadow, and white ninjas are invisible in the light — the only giveaway to an enemy’s position is a trail of bright red blood that leaks from the wounded. But are you hunting a weakened opponent, or being lured into an ambush from enemies that you can never see?

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Dragon Age Inquisition The Descent

Dragon Age Inquisition’s Descent DLC: A side-serving of dwarven goodness

Although it's better played as part of the main game rather than afterwards, The Descent offers lots of new stuff for series fans.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn reviewed: Finally, a teen slasher flick where you can stop the characters from making dumb decisions

What looks like the world's most generic slasher movie turns out to be an interesting exercise in choice and consequence.


DOOM: We go hands-on with id’s breakneck-speed bloodbath

Fast, furious, and with a little bit of demonic possession mixed-in. What's not to like?

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