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homeworld remastered

Homeworld is a deeply-loved franchise among PC gamers, and the news that Gearbox had picked up the rights to the games in THQ’s fire sale left many wondering if their precious memories would be treated with respect.

As Alex discovers, Homeworld Remastered is actually one of the best game remasters on the market, and sets a new standard for other companies to follow. Check out the video inside.

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Game developers need to start thinking more about eSports from the outset of their development, and create user interfaces friendly for spectators, players – and people who have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

In particular, designers should take influence from traditional sports broadcasts such as baseball to identify what information is most important, and what data simply makes people tired and confused.

This was the message delivered by Ryan Schutter of Blizzard, and Phillip Tan from the MIT Game Lab, during a talk at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

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Nvidia’s latest attempt to win over gamers in the living room is a set-top box with an exclusive emphasis on streaming video content, online services like YouTube, and full, new-release games in high definition.

The company announced the Nvidia Shield at a press event in San Francisco just now, but was present at a special hands-on session yesterday afternoon.

Nvidia is very much emphasising the Shield’s streaming capabilities as an advantage above competitors, at least in the gaming space. “We saw with Netflix how that has taken over the film and television experience in the living room,” a company rep said yesterday, adding it wants to create a similar experience for games.

“This is a streaming device on steroids,” it said.

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