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Batman Arkham Knight

A conveniently placed pane of glass shatters as Batman dives through the roof of the building he has been staking out. I’ve spent enough time admiring the gorgeous water effects and talking to the Warner Bros rep about how Gotham’s three islands have been designed to accommodate the Batmobile; it’s time to see whether Batman’s fighting system, oft-imitated in the years since Asylum, has expanded. For the fourth game in a row, I find myself controlling Batman as a room full of muscle men try their damnest to kill him.

This is a big fight, even by the standards of the Arkham games – I’m in the middle of foiling one of the Penguin’s schemes, and he seems to have crammed half of Gotham into the room. In Arkham Knight, Rocksteady’s opening presentation explained, Scarecrow has united all of Batman’s enemies – while the various factions were fractured before, now everyone is throwing everything they’ve got at you all at once. These men come at me with guns and baseball bats, men of all different shapes and sizes, different immunities and weaknesses: more men, I think, than I’ve ever faced at once in the previous games.

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Batman Arkham Knight

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