YouTuber combines all the information about Source 2 engine to make a few convincing predictions about Valve

Gabe Newell on Reddit

By on August 12, 2014 at 8:00 am

I’ll finish off my little part for today by leaving you with this great video I came across recently that absolutely has to be shared. We’ve already posted a few times before about the frenzy that the internet got itself worked into over the realisation that the DOTA 2 Workshop alpha may or may not have (but probably did) revealed more about the Source 2 engine than people expected.

But this is really only the tip of the iceberg. There’s been a lot of information over the last couple of years, from Gabe himself to various leaks and other bits of pieces that have come out through tours of the Valve offices. Tyler McVicker has taken it upon himself to combine all of these dribs and drabs into a coherent video about the future of the Source 2 engine, as well as the possibilities for Left for Dead 3Half-Life 3DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2.

The only major thing that stands out in my mind is that it seems like there are far too many projects going on at once to all be combined over. If a game was going to be ported over, not doing Portal seems strange – it’s the shortest game outside of the Half-Life 2 episodes and it would be the simplest one to do.

But that’s more hypothetical than reason. Either way, it should keep you all nice and hyped to see what Valve are going to do this week at Gamescom. Let’s not forget there is a tonne of room to move on Steam’s In-Home Streaming (spoiler: it could be a lot, lot better), the Steam Controller and SteamOS.

Steam as a marketplace and economy has copped a lot of flak recently too and it wouldn’t be uncommon for Valve to drop a huge announcement there that flies under the radar for a few months until everyone realises the impact it has. It’s Valve, after all.

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God I hope they release Half Life 3 or Half Life 2 Episode 3 soon. It’s been far too long between releases.


It has been so long since a release, a Half Life 2 episode 3 won’t wow me unless it offers all sorts of new content and improvements. Some story progress and recycled assets would only warrant a $15 price for me.

Come on Half Life 3! We all know it’s in the works just confirm it already!

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