Warlords of Draenor will launch in November: Watch the cinematic now

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

By on August 15, 2014 at 8:55 am

Blizzards have revealed both the launch date for the new time-travelling expansion, Warlords of Draenor — November 13 — and the new cinematic, which you can see below. Love it.

The warlord-themed ‘Lords of War’ series* has also kicked off, which aims to give a bit of backstory as to what is going on:

And finally the game is now also available to pre-order from this website here or in-store, where you can pick up a slick hardcover collector’s edition which includes the usual art book, DVD, and perfectly-preserved lock of Samwise’s hair**

*Honestly Blizzard come on let’s put a little bit more thought into these names
**Not really

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While I don’t actively play anymore, still pre-ordered this months ago, and put in for leave today. Sometimes horrible community, but I always like a good story.


This is giving me some good Warcraft 3 feels.

So an alternate path eh? Cool.

Still lost my interest in WoW 5 years ago though.


Moral of the story: don’t accept a drink you’re not sure about. That concoction clearly had Rohypnol in it.


Love or hate WoW, Blizzard do great cinematic. Well worth a watch.




Every Blizzard cinematic I see just makes me long for a full length movie.


Bit of controversy over the timing of the release date and the 10th anniversary events. Specifically that if the new Molten Core requires level 100 then that is 10 levels to blast through in quick time, which is surprising given how Blizzard have been hammering away about savouring the lore/quests etc.. I think the bigger issue with that is the anniversary appears to be quite short in duration.

The simple solution would be like they did with the Theramore scenario, play it at current max level and then play it at new expansion max level after release.


It was funny to see no matter what time line it is Hellscream kills that demon lol.




a shame the movie is live action


My 2 year old just ran out of the room screaming after seeing the orcs.




a shame the movie is live action

This … with how Amazing their CGI department is it’s totally beyond me that they don’t just make the movie in house.


Almost makes me want to play it.


The humans will be live action, but the orcs will be cgi I think, good luck to any human fighting an orc from this cinematic though.


Almost makes me want to play it.

This… I even went so far to try and get a scroll of ressurection to see how the game is since I quit just before MoP was released… Nope Blizztard removed the SoR… Makes sense right? Subscription base is dwindling, better remove the feature that allows old players/friends to play the game for a bit to see if they like it…

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