Latest Steam beta client lets you hide games


By on August 10, 2014 at 11:15 am

Let me paint you a couple of really specific pictures here. Let’s say you’ve been playing a lot of a certain game – let’s agree to call it “Ryskim”. Maybe you’ve been playing it a little bit too much and you don’t particularly want your significant other to know just how little you did last weekend while he was away at a rugby camp.

Or let’s say you’ve got something a little bit shameful in your games collection. There’s nothing precisely wrong with your adorable platformer about tiny horses, but you kind of don’t want your mates to know it’s there.

In both of these situations, your best bet is to make your Steam profile private, uninstall the game from your computers, and move to Alaska. But in the interim, there’s this: the latest Steam beta client adds a new “hidden” filter to your games library.

Nominate games to belong to this category and they won’t appear anywhere else. It won’t stop them being found when you share your library or your Steam profile, but for the casual onlooker, they’ll be invisible. Which might help you get on with that project you’re on deadline for, too – just a little psychological barrier between you and Ryskim.

Visit Steam for more details on this feature and other tweaks added in the new beta client.

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Cool. Now I can hide X:Rebirth, so the reverse psychotherapy wasn’t a complete waste of money.


Wish they’d overhaul the steam library. Need subfolders, click and drag, and just easier, simpler navigation. My Steam last has started to get large and going through and finding my games isn’t as easy as it used to be.


These days I’m finding nosTEAM to be a more convenient alternative.


These days I’m finding nosTEAM to be a more convenient alternative.

Openly saying “Hey I pirate games rather than use the DRM” isn’t exactly a great way to go about the discussion. Piracy doesn’t help anyone.

On topic, glad I can hide all the terrible games I’ve gotten and wish I could remove. There has been many a time I wish I could refund or just destroy Hydrophobia from my game library, along with Brink.


I’m curious to see if non-steam added games to steam have its hours tracked.



Are you serious? They’re listed alphabetically and honestly how often do you install games?



Alphabetical is only relevant if you know what you’re looking for. -_- It’s very easy to forget what games you have when your library of games ends up in the 100′s. And maybe i’m alone here but I don’t have uninstalled games as hidden so that clutters things up that little bit more. But seriously what’s wrong with improving the games library? Win-win scenario as far as I can see. I’d love sub-categories so I can separate different kinds of shooters and an easier way to move games around than going into a menu and pressing a tickbox, imagine having to do that whenever you’re messing with windows folders and organizing files.


I have a subset of folders for favourites/regularly played games, finished games, casual games, games I’ll never play, games to be finished, etc. The interface could do with an update.



You’ve been able to create sub folders for quite a while now.

Although if you have a shitload of games it can take a while to organise it all.


i think by subfolders they mean

All Games
—Age Of Empires
—Civilization V
–Battlefield 4

that is, folders in folders.



You’ve been able to create sub folders for quite a while now.

Although if you have a shitload of games it can take a while to organise it all.

Also who wants to do that manually?

Nasty Wet Smear

InAUGral: Also who wants to do that manually?

Anit nobody got time for that? -.-

I arrange my steam games by “installed because I’m playing it” and “Uninstalled, cos I’m done with it… For now… Until 2 years down the track I suddenly remember it and want to play it.”


I’m talking about folders in folders. eg: I have an RTS category, 7 of which are Dawn of War games and 4 of which are Company of Heroes games, would love to be able to put them in a sub folder within the RTS category to clean things up a little. I also have a whole category just for Tomb Raider (10 games) but i’d love to put that under my 3rd person shooters category.


what we need is a set this game on fire and piss on its ashes then mail back to developer “option”

then we can put Colonial Marines in there



Find and download Depressurizer for Steam and use that. If you want a starting place here is my profile that you can import
(change the account information to your own).

It will not give you sub-folders but it is easier then setting them through Steam.


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