Hard West is a tactical TBS set in the weird west with exploration and RPG elements

hard west

By on August 11, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Oh hell yes. I’ve mentioned before my love for Western themed video games, and in particular, that limited genre called Weird West in which you find the likes of Undead Nightmare, Blood and the old PSX game Silverload. Fortunately, it seems a bunch of ex-Hard Reset and Call of Juarez developers from Poland feel the same way, judging by their new Kickstarter project Hard West.

At its core, Hard West is a tactical turn-based strategy game a la X-COM, or probably more aptly, the Desperados series. Combat promises to be brutal and quick – you won’t slowly whittle away an enemy’s health, a decent shot will drop an enemy immediately, and if it doesn’t, they better hope you don’t get in a second.

Combat isn”t everything however, Hard West also aims to give you a world to explore filled with events, stories, mysteries and surprises. The world map takes inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic, filled with more nightmares than six Undead kingdoms. And while lovecraftian horrors and demonic forces are easily found throughout Hard West, the less fantastic world presents the terrors of life on a dying land, growing crops on barren soil and the difficult choices people make when confronted with a lack of options.

Currently expecting to release the game in August 2014, developers CreativeForge Games are looking for $70,000 CAD, of which they have currently raised $14,728 with 26 days to go. A minimum pledge securing both a Steam key and a DRM-free copy of Hard West will set you back $15 CAD, while a pledge of $50 CAD will also get you the Digital Artbook and Soundtrack, plus thanks in the credits. Read more about Hard West right here – there’s a lot more info than I can cover in a news post, so it’s well worth your time.

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I can’t believe someone has backed with a $3k pledge!


Sounds awesome, will keep an eye out on this. ty for the heads up on it


Man what I would give for a Firefly type of game like this. Even better a Dark Tower type of vibe. Someone did that with Arcanum and it was so good.


Watching their pitch the ideas they are discussing are quite reminiscent of the Dark Tower, albeit with the lack of the technology side of the DT series.

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