Transformers Universe open beta kicks off this weekend

Transformers Universe

By on July 4, 2014 at 8:19 am

Jagex, the developers behind Transformers Universe, the free-to-play title that I can’t quite get my head entirely around, have announced their third-person robot MOBA is entering open beta to mark the holiday festivities (in North America, because of Independence Day and all that).

So for the occasion, Shacknews reports that Jagex will be launching a 24-hour long stream on Twitch, where US$75,000 in prizes – a good chunk of which will most likely be in-game items, but we’ll see – and double XP for everyone who takes part. “With almost two million battle victories recorded during the Closed Beta, our players evidently had the most fun – and success – while playing together with their friends in teams. I’ve been delighted to see teams invent strategies and tactics that we had not even imagined, and can’t wait to see what new players come up with,” Mark Gerhard, chief executive of Jagex, said.

If you haven’t seen what a third-person MOBA looks like with Autobots, I’ve embedded some footage from the studio below. Because I’m a good bloke like that.

Source: Thanks, Shacknews!

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Looks like a shooter rather than a MOBA. Also was it just me or did the game have aimbots? 0_o


I really hate developers with bad British accents. They always sound so god damn sleazy.

Game looks freaking atrocious. Hasbro will give the license to damn well anyone these days.


In its current incarnation it is not a MOBA. Its is essentially a third-person shooters where there seem to be two classes, the assault class and the medic class.

Where the assault class deals the damage and the medic class heals them

There are no structures to destroy or computer spawned units that run along side you.

And also yes, the game has “aims bots” so its essentially select a target and fire and it will automatically aim your weapon and fire at them.

In a one on one situation the typical strategy is to transform into a vehicle and drive away so you re-gain your shield/can get to a medic or hope your whoever was chasing you gets distracted by another target.
In a three against once situation, its normally possible to ensure they can’t escape.

It is still an enjoyable game.


Wow this game looks bad. Watched about 10 seconds of video and turned it off.


This isn’t a moba at all… its more like WoW battlegrounds with robots. A tab-targeting + ability usage type affair.




It’s browser based.

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