Super Mario Bros and Fallout world speedrun records broken

fallout 3

By on July 4, 2014 at 7:49 am

And if you like watching games but don’t want to spend a great deal of time watching them, then why not take up speedrunning? You can save oodles of time and feel humiliated at your inability to fly through games in one convenient package. That’s the mix of feelings I got when watching the new Super Mario Bros. world record speedrun, where gamer Blubber (taking the name from the Super Mario Bros leaderboard) blows through the entire game in a 4:57:69, a mere 40 milliseconds ahead of the previous world record.

That’s less than five minutes to beat the whole of Super Mario Bros. I remember playing a retro drinking game with my Starcraft 2 friends in SMB once. I couldn’t get past the second world in two hours. Shame on me. But you can think about my misery when you watch the wonderous feat for yourself.

In other speedrunning news, a new Fallout 3 world record has been set as well. This isn’t a 100% completion record – that’d be a bit ridiculous, honestly – but blowing through the entire game in a mere 23 minutes and 13 seconds is an admirable effort indeed. A bit counter-productive considering you’re meant to absorb and enjoy the radioactive world of Fallout, but then, speedrunners end up exploring the game in ways others never dream of, so each to their own.

Source: Thanks, Eurogamer!

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Anon. E. Moose

Haha, I love how he just drops the headset and walks away at the end of the FO3 speedrun.


yeah saw that

very strange


I still think Morrowind speedruns are the best.


anonemoose: Haha, I love how he just drops the headset and walks away at the end of the FO3 speedrun.

That’s because he’s a wanker


hotblack: That’s because he’s a wanker

all the cool people do that once they finish a speed run


Didn’t hear about the mario which is extremely efficient at this point (like OoT or Goldeneye), but why include FO3, let alone why a speedrun post? WRs get broken all the time. Bioshock 2 was broken a few days ago, and Bioshock’s been broken again now that they altered the route slightly to save a minute.

Hell on SRL there’s over 50 runners currently streaming.

GON didn’t even give a mention to SGDQ which raised over $720k when it was on :| I guess it must be a slow news day today.

hotblack: That’s because he’s a wanker

Bonesaw dances. At least he did when he improved his time on Jak and Daxter (people don’t really use ‘broke’ when talking about their PB or WR times; they get faster all the time).


It’s a very interesting hobby. I’d like to see what psychiatrists think of it


He wasn’t worried about breaking the headset, because they were mine.


I can’t believe I watched most of that… seriously, why play the game like that for?


Why not? People like to experience games in different ways. I enjoy plodding through a game and exploring it at my own pace, sometimes seeing if I can get places I shouldn’t and just enjoying the exploration experience. Other folk like to explore how to get through the game fast, finding every shortcut, every time saving technique, so they can beat their best time. Who’s experiencing the game wrong? I’d say neither of us, if we’re having fun playing it that way then that’s why we play it that way.

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