Steam broke 8 million concurrent users during this year’s Summer Sale


By on July 1, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Big numbers for Steam this year, as the game platform set a new record of 8 million people simultaneously online during this year’s annualised bargain frenzy.

The news was first spotted by NeoGAF user Nzyme32, who noticed that the final day of the sales drew an impressive 8,020,736 users online.

I’ll wrap up this article with something about PC gaming not being dead, you can fill in the blanks yourself. Why not watch these great Steam Sale videos and relive the glory days?

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In other related new Steam broke 8000 billion in profit from trading card sales alone.

It was thenominal to see how many people had a card frenzy with the sale, I bought a few games myself and im also guilty with the card crafting but I didnt spend my dollars and spent in house money I earnt from selling some of the cards and items, I even bought all the DLC for Payday 2 with it, lol.

Now have a look at the following link one of if not the highest level person in steam and how many times they crafted the Summer Adventure cards and work that out by an average 40c per card with 10 cards per set and youll see how much they would of spent.
Also correct me if im wrong but Steam make atleast 10% on all item and card sales – this is just WOW.


GabeN will be pleased with this.



I thought I saw somewhere recently 1c for transaction and 1c for card developer in a tooltip when selling one. Don’t have any cards left to check though.

Still, the cards have been a brilliant thing for steam as they are basically printing money. They make the cards for next to nothing and some schmuck pays real money for them. The more in circulation the more 1c fees they get, which I am sure makes them a bundle.



I don’t get or care about the trading cards. But I’m glad other people do. Bought 2 games selling them.

Is there any benefit to them other than having a picture on a profile that no one looks at?



Is there any benefit to them other than having a picture on a profile that no one looks at?

No benefit at all mate, its pretty much just paying for pixels on your screen.

As I stated above, I do trade and craft cards but I dont spend money on them, I just love collecting stuff I guess and I do have fun talking to people when trading.

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