PAX Australia keynote to be delivered by Bethesda’s Pete Hines

PAX Australia by Jason Imms

By on July 3, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Last year’s ‘Storytime’ keynote speech at PAX Australia was delivered by Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion fame. PAX Australia has announced that this year’s keynote will come from Pete Hines, Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks.

PAX Australia 2014 will take place on 31 October to 2 November at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. One-day passes are still available for the Friday and Sunday sessions here.

Thursday 3 July, 2014 – The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) returns to Australia in October 2014, and industry heavyweight Pete Hines (Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks) will be providing the opening ‘storytime’ keynote on Friday morning.

Since 1999 Pete has worked at Bethesda leading their marketing, PR, and community efforts. Pete has helped bring franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein into the modern era of gaming and has been an important part of bringing successful new IP such as Dishonored and The Evil Within to market. He’s done everything from writing manuals to playtesting games to serving as the company’s chief spokesman, and has worked on every title Bethesda has made over the last decade and a half.

Pete joins other international guests confirmed for PAX Australia, including musical acts Paul & Storm, Freezepop, and MC Frontalot.

Source: PAX Australia Press Release

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I just hope it’s more story less PR wank. I don’t want to spend the keynote fantasizing about running out of the room screaming holding my ears if it turns out to be him talking about how great Bethesda is.


Okay fellas time to get some Radiant AI T-shirts printed.

We will stand at the conference lingering all day, disappear at weird times, have random non-sensical conversations with others and then for the coup-de-grace one of us will run up at the end of a conference, possibly with no pants, and hand him a scroll with an invitation to speak at this years Pax!

Pete will look at it in confusion and think “hey I’ve just done this conference”

It’ll be just like Radiant AI!

We could kick it up a notch, arrange accommodation for him where only some things open and shelves only hold a select few books! Someone find an Outlander hotel!





Yeah, I was a little disappointed with this announcement.

Past PAX storytime speakers have been significant gaming icons and visionaries; Ron Gilbert, Peter Molyneux, Warren Spector. Not sure how interesting it will be to hear from a PR/Marketing guy at Bethesda.

I understand it’s probably hard to get Big Names to make the trip out to Australia, but if that’s the case then maybe look to someone local – why not someone from 2k Australia to talk about developing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? That would be cool and interesting.



Well now you’ve made me disappointed about something I didn’t even consider. Congratulations, you’re a monster :(



Lol That is awesome. We should totally do that!

I’m worried that Pete’s just going to turn this into another circle jerk like he did with QuakeCon around the time Skyrim was announced. So much gushing and no actual meat. Its really just going to be another advertisement for Bethesda.


When you consider that Adelaide just got Chris Avellone, and Melbourne a few years ago got Peter Molyeneux and Warren Spector at the same time it makes no sense at all why Pax Australia would result to this. Those people are willing to come here. Personally I’d love to see Ken Levine but I’m doubtful that’ll happen now.

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