Mass Effect 4 first look: The new Mako in action, plus concept art from SDCC

Mass Effect 4

By on July 28, 2014 at 8:58 am

The Mako is back, baby, and according to details cribbed from a Mass Effect 4* panels at San Diego Comic Con, it’s going to be a much faster, lighter, weapon-free version with a focus on exploration.

Some choice quotes from the panel have been collected over at NeoGAF, where the BioWare team apparently stressed that “we learned some things about vehicle frustration” and that they were “building a game about exploring places, so you need a vehicle for that”.

BioWare also reiterated much of what we already knew: the game will not star Shepard, some old characters may make a return (but not guaranteed) and the exact timeline and location are not yet nailed down. They did confirm that you will play a human, however.

You can see some footage of the Mako below, courtesy of The Escapist. It does not have seventeen more wheels.

*Yes that’s not the official name but we’ll run with it until they think of one

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Years away awwww


On the upside Mako! Yeah! It’s one of those things from the first Mass Effect I thought could’ve had more work. While burning around the landscape in the Mako the first time I was thinking “if they polished this and developed this mode a little more this could be awesome! Hopefully they’ll get some feedback and make this a great experience for the next game.”

Mass effect 2 rolls around and I discovered they solved all the Mako complaints by…removing it. I was actually rather peeved. Oh well hopefully this time…


I’m really interested to hear what they are going to be doing with the storyline.

Nasty Wet Smear

I’m glad they showed us that, because the key issues of complaint I’ve always heard about Mass Effect was ‘Mako not awesome enough’.

…. *Cough*MagicalSpaceChildDeusExMachinaMcGuffinsRuiningYourBrokenStoryLineThatDidn’tTakeIntoConsiderationAnyOfOurPreviousChoicesLikeYouPromisedItWould*Cough*

Oh, pardon me. I’ve got a nasty allergy to people avoiding issues.


possibly same time period as Shepard?? Please say no. I hate parallel story-lines ugghh.

Anon. E. Moose

Looks like your fears of the Mako having 17 extra wheels have been put to rest.


Parallel is ok as long as they pretend that shiny coloured light stuff at the end never happened. It could be a decent side story of a team discovering the next big thing beyond the reapers while all the reaper shit is going down off in the distance with shephard.


Parallel storyline doesn’t work for me as the events of that time period showed Shepard as the hero of the galaxy fighting sapient machines responsible for wiping out advanced civilisations over millions of years. At this point in time anything anyone else does seems…insignificant.

I prefer a storyline which is fresh and new, with little nods to the original trilogy based om what decisions you made. So basically something set after Shepard.

But back to the video, and I’m excited. Moar exploring, pretty graphics, hell, just more Mass Effect. I want this now.



There were a couple of missions in ME2 with the mako. Might have only been a collectors ed thing though. ME3 was a bit of a let down to ME2 IMO.

The depth was paired back a bit for ME3. I liked the MP but I think they sacrificed a little in the SP for this. I only just finishing ME3 about a month back because I had nothing else to play.



Nah it was a hover vehicle called the Hammerhead in the Firewalker DLC (which was free I think). A half hearted attempt to placate those who complained about the absence of the Mako. It was all linear with no exploration, overall pretty boring but I got it for the sake of completion.



Kind of a theme going from one game to the next with Bioware removing features that only needed more polish. Kinda brings me to my main question being whether they’re returning to the series RPG roots or sticking with the average 3rd person shooter angle.

Also years away? Why even announce it then? -_- I like when a game is announced with a release date within the next 6 months.



Yeah I noticed that myself. The Mako was just one I was really bummed out about though, I could really see potential in it.

That said, they’re no worse than Bethsoft and the Elder Scrolls series. I’m looking forward to TES 10, where the game consist of a large round room with a button in the center, and a huge arrow hovering over it telling you to press it to win. However it will be a very pretty room and apparently very open, as you can approach the button from any direction you like, 10/10.


I too was very sad the Mako was scrapped. I liked it. Kinda sad ME1 was the one in the series I played the least of (did very little exploring which is out of character for me lol) so I missed most of the Mako gameplay except for what was in the main missions. I just also hope they’re bringing back the RPG elements.



Agreed 100%. Less 3rd person shooter with conversations and more RPG with conversations plz Bioware.


Well the Mako itself wasn’t too bad, it was the stupid planetary limits and “points of interest” on them that were so damn awful to navigate. The maps were literally out of a random height map generator with invisible wall limits and the bare minimum of effort put into each landscape.

I hope they do this right, but the ME series left a very sour taste in my mouth. Especially the lack of fluidity in the controls and the lack of jump which made it totally flat linear. Seeing as it was on many planets the options for exploiting fun jumps was totally missed…



Yeah, the planets itself were boring, with the only difference being the colour of the landscape. No trees, vegetation, life or anything, it was really dull. Probably why I’m excited for Mass Effect 4, they’re actually bringing off-world planets to life.

I know ME3 has it’s haters, but I kinda appreciate the fact that the storyline was focussed on the war and war effort, rather than sending Shepard off on some random quest to help some random character. I like a good story and narrative, and to have Shepard chasing after Saren but taking his time on some other random quest didn’t exactly fit together. But then that’s my overall gripe with open world games in general anyway.

P.S. I’ve downloaded this mod for ME1 but haven’t had the chance to try it out. Basically a fairly stable HD texture pack for ME1 (which doesn’t use texmod which caused all sorts of problems). Find it here:


Thanks Ralph, will grab that :)

I just hope they realise that 12 NPC’s in a zone doesn’t make you feel like you are in a bustling hub of commerce. Every ME game has suffered from that issue as well. It all feels so canned. Need to have some life in the game.


Games like Assassins Creed, Hitman Absolution (the Chinatown level especially) and Watchdogs show you can fill a level with a good number of NPCs without chugging the game. The overall sparseness of the levels in ME1, big as they were, was a slight letdown.

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