Divinity: Original Sin continues to lead the Steam sales charts for July

Divinity: Original Sin

By on July 29, 2014 at 8:15 am

A bit of news to warm the cockles of RPG fans around the world. MCV UK has revealed that the third week of July on Steam was dominated by the Kickstarter-backed, dual-player murder madness that is Divinity: Original Sin, which is nothing short of excellent news.

Why is it excellent news? Because the game is bloody inventive, hilarious and doesn’t hold your hand and why have you not bought this game already. Unless there’s a small chance you have bought the game, of course, since it’s continued to sit nicely atop the Steam sales charts since release.

The rest of the weekly sales was rounded out with the Season Pass for Dark Souls 2, Skyrim Legendary Edition, the ever-popular DayZ and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Planet Explorers got some traction from its recent promotional round, sitting at 6th, while The Elder Scrolls Online and The Forest squeaked into the top 10.

The full list is reproduced below.

  1. Divinity: Original Sin
  2. Dark Souls II – Season Pass
  3. Skyrim – Legendary Edition
  4. DayZ
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  6. Planet Explorers
  7. Dead Island Franchise Pack
  8. Dungeon Defenders Eternity
  9. The Forest
  10. The Elder Scrolls Online

Source: Thanks, MCV UK!

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One could argue that there hasn’t been anything released outside of indie trash and early access trash in a long while, so it doesn’t take many sales to stay at the top of that list.



If one was delusional enough to believe the entire gaming world revolved around a couple of big publishers, then yes, it is highly likely one would actually argue that point.



So you seriously think that it’s been at the top of that list because it’s been selling 100k copies a day?
It got booted off the top by an early access game that has an amazing peak of 1.3k people playing today.


Gosh, it’s almost as if people actually like isometric RPG’s still and would like to see more of them or something.. Well deserved #1 spot for all this time. Current GOTY for sure.

The fact that it is still up there and currently second to a 66% off $6 title (especially in this day and age of Indie Bundles and folk generally waiting for 75% off sales) says alot, if this many people for this long are willing to pay the full price $40 :D



You’re the one making assumptions about how many copies are being sold.

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