DayZ’s Dean Hall talks Infusion Engine in new interview


By on July 4, 2014 at 7:57 am

“Sometimes you reach the end of that and you just aren’t able to deliver the functionality you want,” Dean Hall, the mastermind behind DayZ says in his latest video interview with VG 24/7. And such is the case for the Infusion Engine, the announcement of which has confused, mystified and warmed the hearts of DayZ fans.

When the new engine was first announced, people were wondering – is Bohemia starting again with DayZ standalone? No, Hall explains, although you can hear his Kiwi-accented reasoning for yourself below.

His reasoning sounds awfully close to wanting to go back to the drawing board on a lot of areas, if not “start from scratch”, at least in the understanding that the wider internet has of that terminology. Nevertheless, he seems incredibly optimistic about it all, which is heartwarming for fans.

Not that those of you who play DayZ have hearts anyway, since you’re such a soulless, bloodthirsty lot, but still.

Source: Thanks, VG 24/7!

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In other words, name change for engine, which is still the same. Anyone else think that Dean and co have dropped the ball on this concept?


i dunno why they calld it a new engine in the first place, i learnt a few dayz after the “new engine” release they said that they’ve taken bits out and put other bits into the engine so much that its hardly the same thing so they just called it a new engine.


I thought he left Bohemia ? Also breaking point mod for ARMA 3 seems to be doing better than Day Z stand alone… other than its horrific launcher.

In other words, name change for engine, which is still the same. Anyone else think that Dean and co have dropped the ball on this concept?

From a business perspective, no. Day Z stand alone doesn’t even have a release candidate yet and it’s made a ton of revenue.

From a software engineering perspective, yes. Almost everything they set out to do they have yet to accomplish. The current build doesn’t even include all its basic functionality(to the best of my knowledge). And when you have the project lead saying “the engine we used can’t do the things we need it to” you have a pretty serious problem with your team.


We’re not heartless, we are good people just trying to survive in a cruel world.


Spooler I agree on the revenue side of things, but that’s just hype and in turn will become a huge millstone around their neck for their future business if DayZ fails to deliver. So while business wise it made a lot in the short term, long term it could harm them just as much if not moreso.


Who in his right mind would start a video by saying hello while facing away from the camera? o.O



In other words, name change for engine, which is still the same. Anyone else think that Dean and co have dropped the ball on this concept?

Yep, the game is at such a poor state that even most DayZ streamers have switched games or switched back to A2 DayZ mods. A lot of poor decisions were made in the 2 years before SA hit early access, now Bohemia is stuck with the same engine – they wouldn’t be able to switch to an entirely new engine without stopping updates for a very long time.
As an example, the new zombie pathfinding (navmeshes) (that we’ve been waiting over 2 years for) have been around in decent game engines since 2011.

DayZ was a lot of peoples first foray into early access, which is part of the reason they were able to make so much $$$ from it in its current state imo. sums it up pretty well :)

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