BioWare looking for fan feedback on Mass Effect: Take this survey

Mass Effect 3

By on July 17, 2014 at 12:13 pm

BioWare’s Mike Gamble has asked players across the world to help make the next Mass Effect game “the best one yet”.

If you’d like to help the team out, you can take this short survey on SurveyMonkey here.

Please note that answers like “maybe don’t have a lame ending this time hurrr” will probably not be of help to the team in developing your ideal game. As for me, most of my complaints about ME3 can be read here.

Good luck!

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I hope they get good feedback, the ME series went downhill from the first one IMO and the first one showed what great potential the IP has.


Survey was quite general, about a quarter were about Mass Effect and the rest seemed more like general marketing questions.


Survey was quite general, about a quarter were about Mass Effect and the rest seemed more like general marketing questions.

That sort of thing helps them determine the sort of person who plays ME, so it’s pretty important. ME sold millions and millions of copies, and the vast majority of those people aren’t signed up to BioWare’s forums and they really don’t know who they are, so.


Survey really, really doesn’t ask anything significant about Mass Effect other than “do you like playing dress ups with your character” and “do you think cosplay is for weirdos”.


Filled it in. The final thing I whacked in “bring back the Mako” because.


Here is the best suggestion they can get for Mass Effect.

“Don’t make another one. The last one was woeful and we don’t need another rehash of an already abused story. Hire a writer to come up with a fresh idea and make that instead.”

So sick of the constant rehash of titles. I certainly didn’t purchase the second and third iteration of Mass Effect and I’m glad I saved my money after playing them through.


Here’s what I put when they asked for more info regarding what you want to see in the game –

I want to see an interesting and faithful expansion of the existing universe in terms of story – one that respects all elements and canon that have come before. Please don’t try and retrofit story around the original trilogy where that was never the intent.

I want the story to continue to feature the grand scale of the original trilogy, with political intrigue, complex relationships – both between races and characters etc. But please don’t feel you need to create a new, existential threat to the universe for the player to save. Grand space opera can still be achieved without needing to ‘one up’ the threat of the reapers. For example – the untold story of the First Contact war with the Turians would still be grand in scale and drama.

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