You can play Titanfall for free this weekend on Origin


By on June 20, 2014 at 3:48 pm

EA are taking a leaf out of Valve’s book and allowing users unfettered, unlimited access to Titanfall this weekend.

They’re calling it “Origin Game Time”, and advise that Titanfall (and others like it) will appear on the Origin free games page when they are available.

Your progress in the game will be saved and ready for you if you choose to purchase the game afterwards, so (much like Steam) it’s a great way to try before you buy. Jump on this weekend.

Source: Origin (thanks Jason!)

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Oooh lots of cannon fodder and a population injection. Wildstar can wait a little this weekend.


If only it wasn’t 50Gb, then maybe I would do this.


Origin? No thanks.

Sounds like a game too late to join, being a noob in a world full of experienced players.


Spend weekend downloading game for free weekend, finally finishes with an hour of weekend time to spare, and you’re asleep…

Capt DropBear


Been wanting to try this out to see if the old GTX460 can handle it, and now this comes around when I am stuck here in Johannesburg with a tired old work laptop and a dodgy hotel wifi connection.


The game is dead, and takes about 5 minutes to join a server and that’s before the free weekend, I’m spewing I wasted my money on it.

Good concept but poorly executed especially with the lobby system and the stupid pathetic campaign that you sort of have to do in order to unlock the other mechs.


If you’ve played CoD MW2/MW3/Black Ops 2 or Ghosts then this game offers exactly the same pain for a 50GB download and stupid dollars.

Same P2P matchmaking style game, same lag issues, less differentiation of the guns meaning only about 3 are worth using and then there’s the Mech’s which give “meaning” to the whole bullet soak mechanics of Softcore CoD.

I mean did we really expect something different from ex-Infinity Ward employee’s? They lost the plot with MW2, looks like they are still looking for an author…



The game is actually running on dedicated servers hosted by Microsoft. Additionally, you’ve got Aussie servers up and running to minimise lag.


Origin can copy steam all they like. Its for the best really.

50GB download. That’s gonna take 24hours lol.

Why don’t they compress the damn download like with simcity. Simcity takes up 12GB. The download is 2.5GB that extracts to the full size of 12GB. That’s another game on origin.


Yeah I was interested but 50gigs is way too much (plus I only have about 30gigs free anyway lol).


It’s only a 21GBish download, not 50GB, if that changes anyone’s interest in downloading it.


It’s more under whelming than I thought it would be.


Give it a try people but I’m not sure what you’ll all think, I bought it at full price and have only played it a few hours, I got sick of it very quickly.

The game is fun for a slightly different take on your typical run and gun, spamming FPS BUT…….

The main issue for me was lack of players in certain modes, everyone seems to be playing the only game mode which was TDM and that’s the worst mode to be in a game considering the other modes that were on offer and how much more enjoyable they are.

Also the lobby system, most frustrating and long waiting server lobby ever for a FPS game up to 10 minute waits and even changing modes, i just gave up in the end and that was the last straw and haven’t played it since.


I would like to hear all your thoughts on the game once you have had some game time in it, cheers.


lol i wouldn’t be able to download it over the weekend


It’s only a 21GBish download, not 50GB, if that changes anyone’s interest in downloading it.

Oh well that’s way better.


Downloaded, tried it, got to end of training… disconnected from server.
Next game.


Bought the deluxe edition Thursday night for $60AUD.

About 15GB download then an extraction process.

Had to deal with a crash to desktop caused by materialsystem_dx11.dll and if anyone else gets this there’s a download floating around on the net.

The fix described by user s3anyboy fixed the issue for me.

Hoping to get a few games in over the weekend.



That’s better, still need to think about the hard drive space though.


Wish I read this last night… would have let the download run overnight making use of offpeak quota… will prob do it tonight and give the game a whirl tomoz.

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