Total War: Rome 2 now lets you pillage the countryside in newly released Pirates and Raiders DLC

Total War Rome 2

By on June 2, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Total War: Rome II has had a lot of work done to it since its inauspicious release and while it’s still not perfect, it’s a lot of fun. And now, with the release of the Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack, it can be a bit more fun – letting you cast caution to the wind and sail the seven seas in search of ancient booty.

Along with three new factions – the Ardiaei of Illyria and the Thracian tribes Tylis and the Odrysian Kingdom – you also get new units like the Illyrian Noble Hoplites, Thracian Horsemen and Gallo-Thracian Warriors. The Thracians and Illyrians also come with their own religions, technologies and traits.

Watch the trailer for the Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack embedded below and if you’d like to learn more about exactly what it comes with, check out the Steam page. Which is, incidentally, where you can buy the DLC from, for $7.99 USD.

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Might be about time I gave this game another go, played though most of one campaign back at launch before I got tired of it and haven’t picked it up again since.There’s been an awful lot of patches and content since then, maybe it’s better now.


Its better now. A lot better. Only 1 big issue remains and even then that’s been massively improved. Siege AI. More specifically attacking walled city siege AI they can defend or attack unwalled settlements fine. But attacking walls they have issues with siege equipment. At least they actually use the equipment now. They have gone from eggplant to dropped baby intelligence in relation to attacking walls.

But besides that performance is way better, its a bit more balanced, the campaign AI is very smart and intelligence with the occasional odd decision but they consider everything when they act. Relations with all other factions they take in mind when doing say a trade agreement. Though the AI is smart enough to abuse the diplomacy system. A strong faction will declare war on a weak faction. Next turn they will request peace with the weak faction in return for gold which the other factions AI usually accept. Weird but it happens and the AI tries it on the player occasional. The AI is smart enough to abuse itself.

The battle AI is far better than all previous games. No more suicide charges. It will often keep reserves. It will flank you and put pressure on your weak points. Their general will be used properly they won’t suicide charge any units unless its to give the rest of the army time to do something else. The naval AI is brutal, opportunistic and plan mean. The naval battle AI will attempt to inflict maximum damage against your navy it they know they are going to lose. Very hard to come out of a naval battle unscathed.

Good game now. Shouldn’t of called politics politics though. As it isn’t. Its just an expanded system of the previous random events and family system. Problem is since they named it politics people thought there was more too it.

Also MODS.


lemonater47: At least they actually use the equipment now. T

But they occasionally get stuck and bottle necked. Its still broken, this is too easy to exploit. And plenty of evidence in the forums that it still is happening.

lemonater47: But besides that performance is way better

Might have to do with the extreme down scaling of the LOD system, which has resulted in TWCenter being full of angry people complaining that the games LOD has returned to original launch quality. Again its still broken.

lemonater47: Good game now.

I wouldn’t go that far just yet. There’s a lot that they broke to get this far that still needs to be fixed. And the amount of DLC that there is for this game is beyond ridiculous at this stage. They shouldn’t be congratulated. The game should’ve been better than this at Launch.

And yeah, the second they remove politics the better. What a stupid feature.
At least you can mod the music to not suck anymore.


They should be congratulated. Considering what the game was like before.

Draw distance is still better than shogun 2 which like rome 2 is locked at a set distance regardless of settings. Lower LOD doesn’t mean broken. It means its lower than it was at release not broken. Again more detailed than shogun 2.

The game was hindered by the fact a large number of people still own 32 bit machines and CA/Sega didn’t want to be evil forcing people to buy a whole new operating system just to play the game. Which in my opinion they should of done. They really had no other option other than making it 32 bit only. Unless they made a 64 bit version with little of the benefits 64 bit would of given them. CA attempted all this stuff. Then 32 bit said “remember me?” So they couldn’t do it. 32bit can die in a hole.

I used to just plain hate the game. But I wanted to find out why I hated the game. I found a lot of interesting things. The game has improved a lot. CA took risks. A new idea is a risk. Things like the politics system was a new idea. Thankfully it can be completely ignored with no consequence. CA has taken risks in the past which tended to work out for them. But CA were just too ambitious for the technology people actually own. CA is also in more of a partnership deal with Sega rather than an ownership deal. CA also does all of its own marketing not Sega which is surprising. CA is more independent than most developers with a publisher.

CA was doomed with rome 2. Some of the decisions they had to make was a lose lose situation for them. They tried their best. And are still trying. The game is miles better than before. And for that they should be applauded and encouraged to continue.


GammaD, I’m with Lemonater47 on this one. After almost 300 hours logged on this game I have got to say that between launch and now it has come a long way, and it is a really fun game to play. I still get occasional de-syncs in multiplayer campaign and as mentioned the siege ai attacking walled cities still leaves much to be desired. However, all round it is a thoroughly enjoyable and addictive game.


Awesome. You guys have talked me into it. I’ll install it all and fire it up again tonight. If I can get past choosing which faction I want to play (hardest part of the game imo) it sounds like it’ll be some good fun :)


The AI uses these three newly improved factions very well. They are currently roaming around Greece in my current campaign. They are mainly attacking each other though. The Odrysians wiped out the Illyrians. Much more entertaining campaign AI as a result anyway.

I can also attest that the game is MUCH improved. If they had of launched with the game in its current state, it would have received most of its scores in the 85 to 90+ category. The game is now FUN to play. Battles against the AI on very hard and above are actually very hard! The AI uses more advanced and aggresive tactics on very hard (they even sent ahead scouting parties when my army was hiding in a forest just so I couldn’t surprise them). Siege AI does still need work though.

If you were still on the fence, pick this game up next sale. It’s now a worthy Total War game.


I would not go as far as to mistake good for playable. This is merely playable at best now, and there’s a boat of posts on the official TW forums and TWCenter that confirms this. There are countless youtube videos as well pointing out that there are still problems, if you bypass most of the siege battles you probably won’t notice them, and doing the occasional siege battle is fine, but if you do multiples in a row you will most certainly see the siege bugs still there.

Yes the game has improved, I won’t deny that. But what I’m saying is don’t just settle of mediocrity here. They did afterall charge you for a full priced title. I would’ve like to had hoped they could of obtained the standards set out by their misleading trailers, sadly its not to be the case.

As for sega not having much control over CA, well I guess that kills the its all the publishers fault debate then, no CA screwed up initially and its their mess to fix. I just hope people remember all this next time around. Till then this total war is not the best in the series, it has much longer to go before it can be considered that. I still prefer FOTS over it. ME2 Kingdoms I feel was the best vanilla. Rome 1 is only good modded.


AI wise its got the best AI. Ignoring attacking walled city AI. Its unpredictable. I mod the game and there’s far less artificial stat buffs the AI gets than in previous titles on the harder difficulties.

BTW its actually almost never the publishers fault. People blame EA a lot. EA doesn’t actually have anything to do with a lot of things they get blamed for. The reason people hate EA is they were the FIRST to do things people didn’t like. And their PR team was made up of a gorilla, 3 gibbons and a flock of chickens which made things even worse.

Broken games are a developers fault. Not the publishers.


The game has vastly improved, but it’s a pisser how after something like 12 patches (or are we at 13 now?) they still cant fix the enemy siege ai. It still is massively retarded when attacking walled capitals. Basically nullifies the challenge as you can still easily block them at the gate. The only time it’s a challenge is if they’re attacking a pure garrison (ie one of your main armies isnt there and you’re trying to hold them off with the city garrison).

Boggles the mind how there is so much to siege – from the city designs to all the equipment available, and the ai cant use it.

I’ have the ai bring up the ladders, the ladder pushers scale the wall, but the rest of the army ignores it. IF the rest of the army used those ladders, it’d be a completely different story. IF they half used the ladders half pushed the gates – it’d be a nail biter.

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