Team Fortress 2 teases a big ol’ mystery reveal tomorrow

Team Fortress 2 Countdown

By on June 17, 2014 at 11:14 am

It’s been a while since Team Fortress 2 had a major update, and that seems about to change: a new site has just been unveiled with an enormous countdown clock ticking down to around 10AM AEST tomorrow.

The site is helpfully labelled “suspense”, and you can see it right here.

It’s very likely that this will relate to the introduction of Team Fortress Classic characters, something Valve included in their latest and most excellent comic.

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Best character ever.

It’s just a pity the game turned into a fucking shitfight of unbalanced weapons and hats.


It’s just a pity the game turned into a fucking shitfight of unbalanced weapons and hats.

Haven’t played this in years.
I loved vanilla Team Fort back in the day…back when it was an actual multiplayer game and not a hat/trading simulator with god knows how many weapons which valve likes to call ‘sidegrades’ which really aren’t. Gotta love that shameless microtransaction shop also, But Valve isn’t EA, so they can apparently get away with it and avoid the hate because reasons I guess.

About the only mystery announcement that would excite me would be time machine mode where we get to play the 2007 version without all the bullcrap.


Ah I still enjoy TF2, missed the last community night unfortunately and yes it has evolved into a hat simulator. The weapons aren’t too bad generally the stock weapons are still give the most “utility”, most other weapons are niche items – which of course makes them very powerful on some maps and not too good on others.



I have no problem with EA doing it as long as it’s worthwhile micro transactions. I’d hate to think how much I spent on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.


The hat stuff wasn’t a problem for me, but I stopped playing when the community started being less about enjoying the game and more about team stacking.


Hopefully coincides with the Steam Sale.



It’s just a pity the game turned into a fucking shitfight of unbalanced weapons and hats.


There’s a little too much randomness now. While it does level the playing field, it makes it frustrating when you keep dying from totally random things and crits (about 80% of my deaths are from crits these days). It can be difficult to tell what each class will do because they can have vastly different weapons. Hence there’s no certainty, you never know what the other guy is gonna pull out. In some ways its fun, in others its not.

I would love to have a vanilla TF2 server, or perhaps a severely limited items server where the game is properly balanced.

Team stacking can easily be fixed by forcing random assignment, though it can stop friends from playing together. I only play on servers these days with random assignment. Its not always perfect, but it helps a lot.

Overall i still enjoy TF2. I don’t play it anywhere near as much as i used to, but its still fun every now and then.


I stopped playing when it seems the only active servers are either achievement/idle or 24/7 2fort.

Oh and the trading thing with half the team being AFK looking for hat trades.


As a pretty frequent TF2 player, I’m of the opinion that a lot of the comments above are really petty, whiney and uninformed of the actual game state.

>Tit for Tat


I still love to medic every now and again, at least the game evolves and is worth going back to every few months.

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