Steam Sale will run from June 19 – 30, claims new leaked ad

Steam Sale Gabe Newell

By on June 18, 2014 at 3:58 pm

It looks like your wallet will begin to cough up blood as soon as tomorrow, with online payment processors PaySafeCard accidentally leaking an advertisement for a Steam Sale tie-in promotion — and outing the sale dates in the process.

As you can see here on the (Portugese) site, the sale will apparently run from June 19 – 30. Joystiq notes that the current Steam “week-long deals” are set to end on June 19 instead of the Friday as normal, leading credence to the leaked dates.

Stay calm.

Source: via VG247

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Look! More of the games I already own, on special, again.



Oh god here we go again.

My wallet is not prepared for this.


My body is ready.

Though I’m probably safe by now, I’ve survived many sales lol


To all the young people who have either acquired employment, or their daddy’s platinum credit card, I wish you well. I too have fought the wars of many years of Steam Sales, only to have my fortune dwindle and my hard drive bloating. Too true, my library is looking the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Galactica, but nay, growing up and using more than 27% of the licenses acquired be quite the battle within.


You mean the *Amazon sale right? Where-by they price match most of Steam’s non rip-off US prices.
;) ;)

Not that there’s much left to pick up these days, this many years on..

Wouldn’t that be Friday though, 19th being the American date?


stoibs: Wouldn’t that be Friday though, 19th being the American date?

Only if you’re not willing to stay up until midnight like a REAL bargain lover


Too late guys, I already made myself broke due to the GoG sale. :(


My wallet shield is prepared. Lack of free time = little money lost on games which will sit unplayed in my steam library.


Has anything noteworthy, that will have a significant discount, even popped up since the last one? I remember buying plenty in the first few sales, but over the last couple of years I’ve been lucky to pick up a couple of smaller titles, let alone big budget ones.


Yay! Spintires here I come!


does this mean more snowglobes (or the summer equivalent of them), more random things to sell on the market :D


Hoping for 75% off Space Marine. Other than that I have only a handful of games i’m after at very specific price points i’m willing to pay, so we’ll see. :)

So this the Steam Summer Sale? I guess that explains why the week long deals was so anemic this week.



There has been a new entry for ‘Mysterious’ at the top of your profile badge page for a few days now, with what looks like 10 cards.

Probably be like last time, spend $10/Vote 3 times and earn a card. A bunch of free cents once this useless fluff is sold off on the market I guess in any case.


A hardened vet grizzled and scarred from many sales told me to only buy as gifts. So if I never get around to playing I have the option to give to others later! Hail Gaben!


Hoping for 75% off Space Marine. Other than that I have only a handful of games i’m after at very specific price points i’m willing to pay, so we’ll see. :)

You can already get it for 75% off the Australian price on the Amazon store.

I really should get around to getting it one day given I won that competition for it some years ago.



That is exceptional advice!


I have about 15 games im keeping an eye on and if they are at the right price then STEAM will get my money.

I put money aside for these events now, besides BF4 and Titanfall, its the only way I purchase my games because thats all that they are worth in my opinion.

Also BF4 and Titanfall arent worth the money I payed for them either but thats another story.



I trade them for other cards. You can generally get 2 cards for one sale card, and then you can get the bages, and then get a higher percent to get more cards. Thats how real traders do it. Anyone selling it on the market is a sell out.



You currently earn mysterious cards by crafting badges. Not sure about other ways – the card / $10 spent isn’t beyond the realms.

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