Saints Row 4, Dark Souls, FTL and other gems going cheap in today’s Steam Sale

Steam Sales

By on June 24, 2014 at 11:48 am

The Steam Sale continues to (steam)roll on, and today’s pricing casualties include Dark Souls for $4.99, Saints Row 4 for $12.49, and FTL: Faster Than Light for just $3.99.

You can also pick up Insurgency for $6.74, Nether for $2.99, Rogue Legacy for $3.74, Surgeon Simulator 2013 for $2.49, The LEGO Movie Videogame for $7.49, and finally ARMA 3 for $29.99.

At the time of writing there’s seven hours left on the flash sales, so you can score Scribblenauts Unlimited for $4.99, Gone Home for $2.99, Rising Storm for $4.99, and Spec Ops: The Line for $5.98.

Yesterday’s deals are still ongoing, so keep hitting up that store page!

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Make sure you get Saints Row 4 from Amazon instead.
Not only are you saving a couple of bucks on it’s non AU price gouging ($9.99), but you get the proper, uncut adult version to boot.


I didn’t realise there was a cut version! Was just coming in to say that everyone must own it and play it… but now I’m unsure!

What am I missing out on?


Shaundi’s entire sidequest (I think, from what I’ve heard/read since it involves drug use)
The US version of the Season pass also has the rectifier.


So is it really worth funking around with my Amazon account so they think I live in the US and then have to funk around with it so books I order actually go to my correct address? For a single sidequest and a butt weapon? I find it a little difficult to justify myself.


It’s also worth noting that the cut and uncut versions are incompatible for co-op. I grabbed it cheap off the Humble store a while back and I can’t play with any of my friends that bought it on steam.


I dunno, I set up my amazon account years ago and have bought about 40~ish games from them since. These days for me it’s just a simple matter of clicking add to cart, purchase, done.

Up to you whether you want this just as a one off, or want to get setting it up over and done with now so that you can continue to use the store as just another regular go-to place of purchase for the future.

Pretty sure you can change the address to ship to at checkout, not sure exactly how that works with what Amazon thinks is your default address though.
Aren’t (physical) books from Amazon insanely expensive in terms of shipping anyway?
I use BookDepository or BookTopia.


Also all the other lego games are 75% off, picked up Marvel for $5


Is Dark Souls 1 actually worth owning on PC?



I think so. I bought it on release from ozgameshop dirt cheap and played the daylights out of it. The mouse and keyboard controls are horrible, you can’t unlock a decent resolution without a third party mod and it’s locked to 30fps. Nonetheless it’s been one of those games that I’ve sunk godless amounts of hours into and thoroughly enjoyed, so if you can ignore the faults it’s well worth it. Especially at the galactic price of $5. :)


Look for the Durante mod fixes for Dark Souls.
Infact look at the Sticky in the Steam discussion area for more info.
Can unlock the horribly choppy framerate up to an actual playable 60 and get the Mouse working fine, played close to 20 hours perfectly fine with keyboard and mouse controls after the much needed modding – Only problem is that it still lazily has Xbox button prompts on the UI, takes a lot of guesswork or actually looking up some sort of guide just to do things like navigate the menus etc. which is a shame.

That they didn’t even bother fixing this glaring oversight in the sequel leaves me dumbfounded, but that’s another kettle of fish entirely.



Yep already did all of those, except I still use my trusty XB360 controller so the mouse & keyboard thing didn’t bother me.

On the input thing I think there may be a texture override you can use in conjunction with the DSFix mod to add on-screen prompts for mouse and keyboard.

Actually scratch that there is a fix:
Only default keyboard settings though.


Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of that mod’s existence!
Cheers, might go back and pick up where I eventually quit playing with renewed interest…

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