Coming Soon (June 2014): Here’s what to look forward to this month


By on June 3, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Looking for something to play in June? We’ve wrapped up all the major releases for the month below, ranked in order of arrival. There’s no real AAA releases this month, with most companies wisely electing to avoid releasing during the media storm that is E3 (next week). Still, there’s quite a few interesting pieces, so take a look!

Disclosure: This article contains links to Green Man Gaming, of which is a partner. They’re good prices though, so we’re not embarrassed.


June 5 – Murdered: Soul Suspect

Haven’t played enough ghost detective stories lately? Murdered is here to solve that particular niche issue, putting you in the shoes of a hardboiled detective out to solve his own murder.

We’ve gone hands-on with it in the past, and are currently reviewing it right now. Look for a link to that soon. In the meantime, here’s a trailer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is $53.99 on Steam, or $44.99 at Green Man Gaming.


June 25 – Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies

This one’s a stand-alone multiplayer expansion to Company of Heroes 2, which basically means you can buy it without owning the original but still play against your friends who do. Pretty sweet, especially since it’s much cheaper than buying the original.

It comes with two different armies (watch ‘em here) but you can buy them separately if you like.

The Western Front Armies is $19.99 on Steam.


June 26 – Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Enjoy playing Plants vs. Zombies but wish it was a third-person online shooter with co-op modes and all sorts of wacky stuff? Well now it is… on PC at least, and launching this month.

Check out the system requirements here, they might surprise you.

The standard edition of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare starts at $29.99 on Origin.


June (27th, though Steam is still showing TBA) – GRID Autosport

Codemasters are trying to win back the hardcore fans, promising that this year’s GRID outing will be a “return to a more authentic racing experience”. That means more than just putting an in-car camera back in (although they are doing that), but also adding five disciplines including Touring Cars and heaps of other stuff.

The game will also ship with an optional 5GB HD texture pack on PC, which is nice. Here’s a trailer:

GRID Autosport’s Steeam listing is here.


June 28 – Sniper Elite 3

Imagine a Sniper Elite game, but more open-world, sandboxey, and set in Africa? Well, that’s pretty much the deal with Sniper Elite 3.

Nobody’s expecting it to be ground-breaking, but Rebellion have been polishing the hell out of it and it’s getting some good previews from other outlets across the internet. Here’s a trailer, natch:

Sniper Elite 3 can be pre-purchased for $39.99 on Steam before launch.


June (sometime) – Darkwood

This Early Access title, expected to be available sometime in June, is something that’s caught our eye here at GON more than once — a top-down, procedurally-generated survival horror game set in a sprawling, dark forest, Darkwood looks proper hardcore.

Darkwood’s Steam listing is here.

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Very sad my GRiD: Autosport preview copy wouldn’t launch, hearing good things about it. It’s also the only thing on the above list that I have any interest in!


SE3 is open world? SE2 was really annoying that it was linear when the first one was fairly freeform, although it was a big step forward for the series to get it into the spotlight with decent graphics and more accessible gameplay (plus they removed the BS of tiny grey blobs in the distance picking you off if you so much as walked).


Can get Murdered: Soul Suspect for $30.99 and get $5 worth of player points back from ozgameshop at the moment. keys will be sent out tomorrow as told by one of the reps in chat.

Can also get Sniper Elite 3 for $29.99 with a free tshirt ($2 postage for shirt) :)


Only one im interested in is Murdered: blah blah.

Ralph Wiggum

Yay this has become a regular thing! And on that note, nothing of interest to me so moving along…


Can’t wait for my Murdered steam key :)
Looks like all of us who backed Darkwood on Indiegogo are getting early access keys aswell. Yay.

I must say Garden warfare is actually looking like a fun co-op game too.
It’s a good thing I’m not one of those silly shallow people who say such tripe as “Origin = no lol” or similar nonsense. Will have to keep my eye out on that one :D


Murdered Soul Suspect is getting really mixed reviews. Disappointed as I was really looking forward to it. I’ll still pick it up one day as i’m stick curious but I won’t be doing so any time soon.



Yeah L.A Noire got kind of mixed to bad reviews also; a game I actually thoroughly and very much enjoyed. Same with plenty of others.
Different tastes and all that, which is why tend to not give review sites and/or scores much notice these days and instead like to Judge for myself.

At the end of the day it was only $31 from Ozgameshop to try and sample something refreshing and a little more outside the box in this stagnation of samey titles and sequels that the industry is currently in.
I’ve payed more for worse.


I’m looking forward to Spintires. I backed it when it was announced on kickstarter. Took a bit longer than initially forecasted, but based on the videos available so far, it looks aweet.


Nothing remotely interesting for me this month … at-least on that list.

Rise of nations is supposed to be out sometime this month and I’ll be picking that up

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