Xbox One controller support coming to PC “very soon”, says Microsoft

Xbox One Controller

By on May 25, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Wondering when you’ll be able to plug in your Xbox One controller to your PC? “Very soon,” is the answer from Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.

“Soon. Very soon,” he said on NeoGAF. That’s literally all he said, you can click here to see it for yourself.

I guess I could pad the rest of this story out with some nonsense, but nah. It’s the weekend. I’m going to go eat some biscuits.

Source: Polygon (thanks PalZer0)

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Was there any major difference between 360 and xbone controllers? It doesn’t look like it from first glance but if someone wants to fill me in on why it wouldn’t be better and easier to use a 360, please do!



The Dpad is waaay better (than the 360) and some people like the triggers, imo the PS4 controller is the best around at the moment though. It just feels nicer.


I am honestly surprised drivers weren’t ready before the Xbox One was even released. From memory, there was very little, if any difference between the One and 360 controller outside of being more ergonomic; Maybe they changed a bunch of internals?


Yeah I prefer the PS4 controller as well, and the user made drivers that are around have almost unlocked full functionality I believe.



Thanks for the clarification, I know the old 360 dpad wasn’t particularly popular.


I’ve never had a chance to use the ps4 controller, but I’ll definitely have to see if I can considering the positive reviews you both are giving


I am honestly surprised drivers weren’t ready before the Xbox One was even released. From memory, there was very little, if any difference between the One and 360 controller outside of being more ergonomic; Maybe they changed a bunch of internals?

but but microsoft said they are all about the pc gamers still, so the must of had drivers for it, just no one can find the disc to install them with /sarcasm

that and sorry but i like the ps d-pad cause of the alpha series on playsation one way back when and sf2 on snes, that xbox 360 pad is worse then the master systems. havent really used it on the xbone demo machines only the analogues/


Wouldn’t they already have PC drivers made for devs…?



My recommendation may be a little biased. When it comes to the console side of things, I’ve been gaming on Playstation almost exclusively for the last decade. I had owned both the original Xbox and the 360, but outside of exclusives, got dragged back by Sony. Nintendo’s iterations on controllers were quite solid as well (even the N64), but have never really had a standard design/shape, and I don’t think the Wii/U controllers are applicable for PC/general gaming.

That said, I have a friend who was exclusively an Xbox user in the past, and several friends who own both systems, all of which prefer the PS4 controller. It might be worth ducking into an EB games store or something and trying out the display models to see which you prefer

The Xbox One controller isn’t a bad controller, just as the Xbox 360 controller isn’t, but given that the PS4 controller is just as easy to set up, and I prefer it, it has my vote. By contrast, getting a PS3 controller to work required something along the lines of 2 programs, a set of drivers, a third party program to force enable a setting which could cause system instability, and a heap of trial and error, with no guarantees of working. Definitely overjoyed it is so much simpler this generation.


You can get a PS4 controller working on a PC via Bluetooth with the following application. (DS4-To-XInput-Wrapper)

The touch pad and the light bar all works and you can even change the color I believe.


On reddit they were claiming there’s already 3rd party support for it out there. I’m more than happy to wait for official support, I’ve been using the xinput wrapper for DS3/DS4 (not the one linked above; I’m sure both are good) for PS2 emulation. The cable’s easily long enough for a controller too, and if I desperately need wireless I can use the receiver with the x360 controller.

Also, as far as I’m aware the xbone controller is wifi and the x360 is some proprietary radio thing.


I guess I’m a little odd, personally I don’t use the D-pad enough to care about it, so for me the X360 controller beat the PS3 one hands down. The triggers were the important part along with the sticks, which while the sticks were comparable, the triggers on the 360 were much better than the PS3′s.

I hope the XBone’s controller has the same trigger setup or improved upon it, as a better D-pad is just a nicety. However I do use them mainly for racing games, for which I should be getting a wheel soon enough…


RSOblivion: so for me the X360 controller beat the PS3 one hands down

I agree with this statement.
but for this generation Sony did a really great job on the PS4 controller it feels pretty much perfect imo.


Does the PS4 controller have feedback in the triggers like the Xbox controller?


Does the PS4 controller have feedback in the triggers like the Xbox controller?

No it does not.


I’ve only tried demo units and while Sony seems to have improved the PS4 controller immensely I think I still prefer the 360 controller and layout. X1 is about the same.


Yeah I prefer the asymetrical thumbstick layout too. It just feels correct for me.

The trigger rumble is most likely what delayed the driver release as MS has most likely had to figure out a way to allow PC game devs to access it.

Hopefully there’ll be an announcement at E3.


With the recent news that Steam has enabled their streaming feature for all I could very well see people buying NUCs and an Xbox One controller and playing their racing/other Steam games on their big HDTVs.



Was actually going to look into one of these to stick in the lounge for movies and TV series when my tax return came in. Guess the Steam streaming feature gives me extra incentive, even though I already have my PC plugged into a 42″ TV in my room, heh.



My PS3 recently died and am now building a HTPC mainly due to the lack of dlna around ps4 but partly also steam streaming. I am now console free, still running windows though.

Might have to look at a ps4 controller, I didn’t pay much attention and found the logitech controller I got runs on AA batteries. :0



I am the same, I can’t stand the PS controlers, from the original to the PS3, I haven’t tried the PS4. They’ve never sat well with me, where as the 360 pad for me, is the best pad I’ve used. I can’t imagine ever changing it, for me it’s absolutely perfect.


what would be the point of upgrading a 360 controller for pc to this thing…looks exactly the same.

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