World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor pre-sales hit 1 million, Activision-Blizzard says

World of Warcraft: Heroes of Draenor

By on May 7, 2014 at 8:13 am

While there might be more active players in DOTA 2 than World of Warcraft these days, that doesn’t mean the game is failing – if anything, it’s doing just fine, thank you. Activision-Blizzard’s first quarter figures for the 2014 fiscal year have revealed that pre-sales of the Warlords of Draenor expansion to the MMO giant have already topped 1 million, with an alpha test to launch “soon”.

The report also has plenty of hard figures on all of the other company’s franchises. Over 10 million accounts have been registered, for instance, for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, while World of Warcraft itself had 7.6 million subscribers at the end of the first quarter. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls sold more than 2.7 million units in its first week, which you’d imagine Blizzard would be properly chuffed with.

Not everything is rosy though, although Activision are certainly upbeat about it all. Software sales are down, but that trend has been blamed on the release of the new consoles and is expected to hold until the user base grows. Eric Hirshberg, CEO and President of Activision Publishing, added that Call of Duty Ghosts: Advanced Warfare would be the most “polished” release in the series’ history due to the three-year development time for the game, a first for the series.

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A lot of those pre-orders were because of the level 90 boost you receive with it. It’s cheaper to pre-order the expansion and get your free boost rather than just pay for a boost.

Now if it didn’t have that pre-order bonus I would be thinking that there would be a hell of a lot less pre-orders to this date as Warlords of Draenor is sounding like a very uninteresting expansion.



There might be less pre orders without the bonus but I think wod will definitely sell millions more units when it actually comes out


Im surprised there isn’t more. So many people say that BC was wow’s best xpac. I loved the story from outlands so I am thinking of getting it to see it before the breaking.

Well im thinking about it anyway… maybe.


DOTA being more popular than WoW isn’t something I buy into, What with the ton of accounts made purely to troll people… Seriously you can find tons of steam accounts with nothing but DOTA under time played and these accounts usually belong to intentional feeders and other variations of grief-er that have 2+ steam accounts. Not to mention all the people that make a new account for when they get muted.


How many active players have actually not picked up the expansion either when it was released, or in the next couple of weeks proceeding it? I’m not saying there aren’t cases out there, but a MMO expansion is essentially a necessary investment that allows you to keep up with the rest of the player base, and receive ongoing content and support for the product you are subscribed to, given that they don’t add more content to prior expansions.

From my perspective, the only real numbers that are important are those of players purchasing the expansion/resubscribing after suspending their account, or current subscription numbers. I acknowledge that it is important to document pre sales, at least for your stakeholders, but as mentioned, in its nature, a MMO expansion seems to be a guaranteed sell/necessary buy for at least 99% of the current subscription base, unless you royally stuff something up.

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