Tegra NOTE 7 Giveaway: Winner’s Announcement


By on May 16, 2014 at 3:52 pm

It’s time to announce the winner of our Tegra NOTE 7 Facebook Giveaway! And the winner is…


I admit it, I’m not creative but I’d love to get my hands on this because our daughter is going in for multiple heart surgeries shortly and I can’t kick her off the gaming consoles in the Starlight room – apparently it’s bad form.

When we heard about this, we decided to help Shandrah out by sending her the tablet so that she and her daughter can use it while she’s recovering in hospital.

“I’d simply like to say thank you for not letting me go to the Naughty Corner at Starlight,” says Shandrah, “and I promise to share…eventually!”

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Gigabyte for sending us the tablet. Stay tuned for our next competition, coming up soon!

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congrats, it goes to someone who def. needs it.


Yep a worthy choice Tim, good stuff.




Wow, I can’t be annoyed at that choice. Congrats to the winner, you really deserve it, hope everything works out.


Well deserved!


Most worthwhile winner GoN has ever had. I hope all goes well with your daughters heart surgeries and she has a speedy recovery !


Good choice for the winner GON!


You should have sent them two tablets.


Agreed, we all acknowledge that these competitions aren’t random anyways, so why would anyone have something against this, what a worthy cause! Hearing the words Starlight Room must be South Australia Women’s & Children’s hospital. Having been there myself, it is a fantastic room (one my brother never left!). Like to make a quick shout-out to the amazing staff who work there and enlighten the lives of so many children day in day out – true heroes! Also to the winner, huge congratulations!


Most worthwhile winner GoN has ever had. I hope all goes well with your daughters heart surgeries and she has a speedy recovery !


All the best to you and your daughter Shandrah.


Yep a worthy choice Tim, good stuff.

Well done.


Excellent choice and sincere best wishes from over here.


in before everyone has a sick child for the next competition


Damn naduk you… read my mind. Yeah we’re both sick fucks. Also does it come with Surgeon Simulator preinstalled? Just curious.



in before everyone has a sick child for the next competition

It’s entirely possible that the story was fabricated.

The account Shandrah was only created on 7 May 14, 11:09 am and has 0 forum posts.

If I was GoN, I’d restrict entries to users who were registered before the announcement of the competition. But maybe they like attracting 50 odd shell accounts with each competition.


Well didn’t take long for accusations to start coming out =

The competition was run with Facebook in mind guys so there wasn’t any necessity to be a long term GoN poster. The competitions generally bring out a lot more than the regular GoN crowd as well which isn’t a bad thing.

Having worked in paediatrics for a long time hearing Starlight reminds me of the great service they bring to the kids (and the relief it brings to the parents of the sick ones to see their kids having fun). Having rotated through paed cardiac surgery there is really no simple cardiac surgery it’s full on for the kids and the parents. Hope the Tegra brings some distraction between those long waits.


If the story is true, I’m very happy for the winner, and pleased to see that GoN have chosen them for the prize. My well wishes also go out to the girl having the surgeries.

If the story is NOT true, I wish nothing but bad things for the miserable sack of crap that would leverage such a thing in order to win a prize.



First off, thanks very much to GoN for running the competition in the first place. We will most definitely be making the most of the new toy. And our thanks to all of the well-wishers. It really is appreciated.

And secondly, nope, it is most definitely not a fabrication. My daughter was born with multiple congenital heart defects, and while some of the more high risk problems were repaired in infancy, they came at a cost, which was further exacerbation of the remaining defects and development of new issues. To give you an idea of what she’s facing, 5 surgeries have been scheduled within a 10-day window, with more to follow in the coming months.


You should have sent them two tablets.

“Take two tablets and call GoN in the morning.” Sorry first thing that jumped to mind reading that…


I admit, it had crossed my mind a little too, but I chose to believe. I hope everything works out for you and your daughter. And enjoy the tablet, hope it fills a hole in your gaming life. :)



With having my bub go through heart surgery in March (AVSD repair), I’ve got an idea of what you’re going through, just remember that Australia has the best heart surgeons in the world and they’ll all do everything they can for you and your family.

Bonne chance.

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