Piracy crackdown coming “as early as this week”, three strikes and blacklisting included

Piracy It's A Crime

By on May 6, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis is set to implement controversial new anti-piracy legislation “as early as this week”, according to new reports coming out of Fairfax Media.

Two proposals are currently being considered as part of the move: the first is a “three strikes” system for people who repeatedly download illegal content, and the second is the development of a blacklist for sites such as The Pirate Bay.

Brandis is keen to make a voluntary code of practice for ISPs but warned that he was willing to legislate if they did not agree, saying to Fairfax that ISPs “need to take some responsibility” and that they “provide the facility which enables this to happen”.

iiNet’s Steve Dalby told Fairfax that ISPs should not be responsible for “protecting the rights of American companies”, warning that the proposals could cost “in the order of tens of millions.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any empirical evidence that either blocking websites or sending harsh notices to customers does anything to reduce the incidence of piracy. Show me the evidence,” said Dalby. “As a secondary issue, if we are convinced that it actually will reduce the level of piracy, then we need to talk about who is going to pay for it.”

iiNet has a long and established history of concern over copyright cases. The full background of iiNet’s position on piracy and copyrighted content, as well as their successful victory in the Australian High Court over industry body AFACT — which established that ISPs are not responsible for what users do with their connections — can be seen here.

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Dear federal government, whilst I agree you have to show some evidence of trying to encourage people to legitimately access media services, this is not the way to do it. It will cost the taxpayer. Instead of using preventative measures, encourage digital storefronts and remove the reliance on bricks and mortar stores. It will cost jobs. But this will cost everyone more.


Because, you know, it’s worked so well overseas.


Because , you know ….. This is going to work. Maybe just maybe if film tv industry pulled there head out of their ass they could start a workable pm Streaming site.

I know I would use something like this.


Slower internet access fed through a combination of ancient technologies for a price premium? Thanks liberals!


Isnt our budget in trouble according to the libs? Lets take that at face value and say OK.

This isnt one of the top 100 reasons why our nation has such a pressing issue re: budget.

So why the fuck dont they focus their attention on all these multinational mega corps sending their earnings on to offshore tax havens.
I’m sure more potential tax gets sent overseas to Ireland, morocco, and other tax havens in a single day than all the small business combined could come up with and pay because they are too small to afford armies of lawyers.

fix the fucking tax system, stop pissing about the edges with non-issues like this.

-speaking as an artist who has had their own work pirated and you’d think id be all for anything anti-piracy.


Piracy: It’s a darn good time. Arrr.

Wish they’d work with companies like Netflix and Hulu on resolving whatever barriers exist that are making them reluctant to open up here. Work with tv stations to get things aired more promptly – they have so many channels on which to do it, there’s little excuse.

Right now your options for watching the new series of 24 are to download it (naughty), work out a means of streaming it from Amazon (potentially naughty, somewhat perilous) or wait until Ch10 starts airing it next week. Good luck avoiding spoilers on the internets until then. :-/

Accessibility is the key, with price a close second. People are quite happy to pay for the things they like but they have to be allowed to do it.


So they’re finally doing something about all the cars being downloaded?


Media industry are just in it to protect their pricing policies and maximise whatever profits they can gouge out of us. Liberals go along with this and it has absolutely nothing to do with the massive donations and positive coverage they get from said media industry >_>

Forum thread: http://games.on.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=264&t=200823

Change.org petition: https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/stop-blaming-consumers-for-the-outdated-business-models-of-the-media-industry


Brandis … saying to Fairfax that ISPs “need to take some responsibility” and that they “provide the facility which enables this to happen”.

Just in the same way car manufacturers take responsibility for speeding motorists and drunk drivers? After all, they “provide the facility which enables this to happen”.

Just in the same way firearm manufacturers take responsibility for all firearm related accidents, injuries and deaths? After all, they “provide the facility which enables this to happen”.

Just in the same way power companies take responsibility for all electrocution injurues? After all, they “provide the facility which enables this to happen”.

Don’t make me laugh Brandis. You’re completely clueless on this issue; a fish flopping around out of water. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a lot of piracy is caused by distribution issues – take a look at iTunes and how that’s effected the music industry. Think about Game of Thrones, and how that’s only legally viewed through a $100/month, 24 month contract to foxtel. The issue here isn’t pirates, rather the industry itself dragging it’s heels on the cultural change of how entertainment is consumed, and your party’s own ineptitude when it comes to broadband infrastructure within Australia.


I like that “provide the facility which enables this to happen” statement, does anyone else find that kind of ridiculous? Should the government be held responsible because of providing roads which drunk drivers use that cause accidents because the Govt. is providing the ‘facility’ of roads…? Should a packaging company that McDonalds put their food in be held accountable because I got food poisoning from them and their packaging was the facility which enabled me to get the food in the first place…? Should a blank CD company be held responsible because their CD was used as a facility to harbor stolen company secrets?

Am I stupid or is he stupid? (I won’t take offence if you call me stupid).

EDIT: @Mijert are we like intertwined or something we posted the same thing at the same time.


Thank goodness the government is finally going to do something about all the bear attacks



Pretty much this.
I torrent shows because… how the hell else am I going to watch them?
I don’t appreciate having to dodge online spoilers either while our old man government of a nation drags it’s feet getting shows onto australian air weeks/months later.

Also, Jesus…thanks for reminding me about the new 24 Season, Didn’t think it was out this soon. Will be sure to download it tonight after work! :D


the govt conveniently ‘forgets’ that a good majority of these ‘pirates’ would in fact PAY for it if:

1. we were given a ‘fair price’…not this geoblocking $hit
2. we had the ability to do so eg. NETFLIX, etc

But no, Australians get slugged by US companies just because they can. Yes I know, two wrongs don’t make a right…however they need to understand why there’s piracy in the first place.


No words can describe the rage I’m feeling right now.


Anonymouse.org anyone?

Ralph Wiggum

Pissing off the younger generation with a piracy crackdown.
Pissing off the older generation with a pension crackdown.
Pissing off the poor with welfare crackdown.
Pissing off the rich with a debt levy.

This is a spectacular trainwreck I can’t help but stare at.


Oh no, whatever shall I d- Oh, my seedbox.

You would think they would learn from America and realise this tactic doesn’t work, huge waste of money and time.


Hello Government,


Let us know how that works out. Idiots.


It is starting to get to the point that this government looks like it is TRYING to tank the next election. Double the deficit in 7 months, break practically every promise they made, destroy the NBN, now this? Amazing.


Usenet and SSL

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