Hearthstone update will nerf Unleash the Hounds, internet rejoices


By on May 8, 2014 at 2:14 pm

The infamous Unleash the Hounds card in Hearthstone will have its costing tweaked by Blizzard, according to an update posted yesterday.

“At the very highest levels of play there are a lot of different decks performing well, and the decks at the top change from week to week,” writes Blizzard on Battle.net.

“Since we’ve seen many cards and deck types in the current state of the game rise and fall as players adapt, we did not want to change Unleash the Hounds immediately. However, Hunter decks have become increasingly more dominant and are doing better than we are comfortable across many levels of play. ”

“After much consideration we have decided to increase the mana cost of Unleash the Hounds to 3. This change should make the card more fun to play against while still allowing for some big plays.”

Hunter players are advised to locate a nearby pillow and sob into it, wailing piteously.

Source: Thanks Matt

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That card is annoying as all poo especially when a hunter has the +beast attack decks. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so cheap to play. Nice to see it is being given a change.


Not enough of a nerf to hunter deck … they’re still far too powerful without that card


I’m really just a casual player (haven’t spent a cent on cards) and I found that Hunter is by far my most effective character. Even without one of the combo cards the hounds are good in their own right as in a tight game they can overwhelm an opponent out of nowhere.


Hunter’s always had access to some really good card combos. During early beta when the store was broken for Australians and we couldn’t buy any cards, Hunter seemed to be the best option to play against people with fancy cards because of how powerful the basic Hunter deck can be.

Hunter has been the dominant class for weeks now not based solely on UTH, but the synergy with a bunch of other Hunter cards. Buzzard card draw+UTH is crazy good. 0 cost Hunter’s Mark + UTH or Stonetusk Boar is really powerful. Low cost traps and Eaglehorn Bow is hard to deal, unless you run Oozes or Harrison Jones.

The main reason this is a good change is that it makes the full UTH combo (Buzzard+UTH+Timber Wolf) cost just that little bit more. It gives decks more of a chance to beat the Hunter to a bloody pulp before they can get the combo off, and means weird combos involving Buzzard/UTH/Timber Wolf/Leeroy/Kill Command are a bit less likely.

It’s a step in the right direction, and opens the meta back up to a more even playing field.

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